August 31, 2009

just the beginning...

The whole reason for moving up here to Tulsa is for the very important calling to be apart of the church plant. Right from the beginning Chad meet with the (three) other guys daily. All kind of decisions had to be talked about & made. **The first & most important decision made was the name of the church:
CITY CHURCH / love God... serve the city (i the think the model wearing the shirt is super cute!!) ((wink wink)) **We meet & have been meeting monthly since January. Its a time of vision casting & fellowship. **We are in the process of finding a location... very exciting. ** We start (three) community groups in September. **We already have forty people committed to being apart of CITY CHURCH with us. **I love the other pastor's wives & the kids pastor... an answer to pray. (will have to write another blog about this) **It's very exciting times. I had no idea what to expect moving here & us being apart of this. I still have no expectations except something great will happen because I know God is in this!

August 27, 2009

an afternoon stroll...

this afternoon i had the privilege of being by myself. (((doesn't happen very often))) i didn't want to be home doing house chores so i headed to downtown jenks.

its a cute little one way street that i have been driving on the last fews months & have really wanted to walk down & go inside every single shop.

my idea of fun!

the one store that i have been dying to go inside is called the spotted umbrella. so i went in there first. super cute homemade stuff from local people. i will for sure being going back!

the next store... antiques

the next store... antiques

the next store... antiques

across the street... antiques

one scrapbooking store that is overpriced in my opinion

the next store... antiques

a store where you wash your dog (((why i wonder? why can't people do it at home?)))

the next store... antiques

a store full of peace frogs items (((clutter)))

the next store... antiques

SEVEN antiques shop on one street!

that is just crazy to me - why so many?!?!

is your downtown like this???

August 26, 2009

i'm back..

where to beginning...

so many stories to share. and lots & lots of pictures to show you since the last time i wrote.

i will just share one for right now & say that we are in our house. (((a BIG yea!!)))

all the curtains are hung, things on the wall where i like them & most importantly the boys have ALL their toys back. (((most of our things have been in storage for a little over 4 months... everything seemed brand new!)))

we can't park in the garage yet. soon... i'm hoping! and i can't find towels to make the boys shower curtain i bought so that bathroom does not look good, but it feels like home & that is most important!!!

the boys seem to be adjusting & liking home. every once & a while the youngest will say, "i want to go home"

i will respond, this is our new home, we aren't moving from here for a long time.

"no, i want to go to mamaw & papaw's house!"

it makes me sad - i have moved my boys 3 times in the last 5 months. the poor guy is so confused as to where home is!!!

b hasn't said it in the last week... thank goodness! i know my God has been faithful to us every step that we haven taken since saying yes to being apart of this church plant. we know we did the right thing by moving even though it has been a little rough on the boys.

great days are ahead!!!