November 24, 2008

funniest thing...

our youngest is the funniest kid, even though he is only 2. so sweet, so funny, just love the boy so much! here are a couple of things lately he has said that we got a good laugh out of.

brock had been passing gas all evening when chad jokingly asked him, "where did you get all those toots?"

he answer was "wal-mart"

i guess we have been going there a little too much lately! haha


the spoon hanging from our wall, he calls a SHOVEL!


his mamaw bought him a hippopotamus & when you ask him what its called he says "potty"


ask him what color something is & its ALWAYS pink. why pink - not sure but we are hoping this changes


when its time to fix his hair, he says "SPIKEY"... as you can see in the first picture


he does have a mean spell in him & when he has to says sorry he says, "sorrDy"


pancakes are his favorite for breakfast, but he says "CAN CAKES"


i hope all of you are getting LOTS of laughs at your house too :) happy monday

November 20, 2008

to cut or not to cut???

i need/want your opinion on if i should cut my hair or not?
should i get bangs again or not?

leave it & continue to grow it out???
what is a girl to do... so many choices!

leave comments soon so i can call my AWESOME stylist & see if she will squeeze me in during the thanksgiving holiday. and i think she will since i am related to her!!! ha ha he he

pic 1: this was my first time to have bangs

pic 2: almost 2 year later & the longest my hair has been since high school :)

pic 3: needed this cut after having baby #2

pic 4: this is the shortest i've ever had it

pic 5: still short

pic 6: december 07 - in the process of growing my hair & bangs out

pic 7: long & flipped out

pic 8: chad says, i tend to pull hair back more while its getting longer

pic 9: my hair now

ok that is way too many UP CLOSE pictures of myself!!!

but i wanted you to see all the different cuts now give me your opinions please!

November 19, 2008

put to go use...

it was quiet in the house because the boys were playing outside.

i enjoyed about 5 more minutes of the silence & then i looked outside to check on them. they were cleaning!


they had taken outside a new pack of wipes & were cleaning all of their bikes, cars, toys from playing in the mud with them.

i can always buy more wipes... i was just THRILLED that they were cleaning something!


i have never liked chili, never would even try it.( i'm one of those people who if it has one ingredient i don't like - i'm not eating it)

crazy, huh?

until two weeks ago when we had the teenagers over to carve pumpkins i made some.

what was i thinking?!?! i was nervous all day about how it would taste that night.

they all LOVED it! they ate every single bite... nothing left!

i even tried it & like it.

that left me smiling at the end of the night to know i can now actually make something decent & people will eat! (i'm not a good cook AT ALL!!!)

well, now chad asked me to make CHILI for the concession stand at church to sell throughout the winter months.

so for the next 4 months i will be eating a lot of chili.

i may go back to not liking it anymore! ha ha

got to go make some chili now - wish me luck :)

November 18, 2008

family homework...

kaden came home with these papers last friday:

as a family, we were to disguise the turkey so it wouldn't get caught & get eaten up for thanksgiving. he thought about making it a bear, lion, penguin, snowman, zebra, but in the end he/we decided to make santa clause.

he was so excited to have & do his FIRST HOMEWORK assignment. (i know that will be changing in the future!)

the finshed project:

ten on tuesday...

its tuesday again.

man, this month is flying by.

its the third tuesday of the month.

and that means - thankful tuesday -

ten things i'm thankful for:
  1. the coupon class i have been going to. yesterday i went to the store bought 4 lb bag of sugar, cologate toothpaste, & foil - paid $1.22. 87% savings!!! i'm super excited!!!
  2. my new friends in the blogging world. never meet them, but its nice to know i have friends out there! ha
  3. for chad's good job
  4. a clean house cleaned by my husband & boys sunday afternoon
  5. my free photo book from snapfish - that saved me $30 bucks!!!
  6. my family is healthy
  7. my new warm, cozy socks chad bought me. my feet are ALWAYS cold!
  8. my itty bitty creative side inside of me - i like to make things. i'm trying to be more crafty these days!
  9. kaden is learning to love his little brother more everyday - its hard on most days but he talks about it with me & is realizing he needs to.
  10. for my relationship with Jesus.

November 17, 2008


i have been tagged from my new blogging friend, rachel.
here's how you play:
  • tell everyone 3 things you like about myself
  • pick 3 friend to play along

all about me:

  1. that i'm an organized person
  2. that i TRY to be a wonderful mother to my boys - reading books, talking to people & alot of PRAYER!
  3. that i like to make or give people gifts - just for no reason!

now who to tag... i think i will tag a some new blogging friends to get to know them better. tanja, suzanne, sarah, and one more for fun, kelly are my choices, but if i didn't write your name & you want to play PLEASE DO! it's always good to know more facts about your friends.

happy monday!

November 15, 2008

snapfish photobook...

thursday on oprah, peter walsh was talking about organzing the house. i didn't see the show but my sister-in-law told me about it. she also passed along the FREE deal that snapfish was doing for one day - a custom cover photobook. a $30.00 value for FREE! i have made 3 of these with, but FREE i could not pass up. it was fun, easy, & had lots of different options for your page background & picture choices for you to choose from. and it was FREE!

well, i just got an email & the FREE book offer changed & now you have until saturday, novermber 22 at 11:59pm.

if you have never made one of these - try it. have i said yet that its FREE?!?! i make one every year for my boys birthdays - a collection of pictures of just them! they love looking at them over & over again.

now go & make one of these books that you will enjoy looking at for years. it's FREE! you just pay shipping - $6.99

November 13, 2008

pure happiness...

yesterday chad came home for lunch.

he does this normally just not on wednesday's - his busiest day at the church.

i had IM him several times, called twice & couldn't get ahold of him.

so, i decided to go on with making lunch for me & the boys - i would talk to him later.

we heard the garage door open & we all got smiles on our face.

daddy (chad) was home!

he walked in holding a

bag & inside was 2 containers of chicken salad from there... my favorite!!!

the little things in life are what make me happy!

thanks chad - i will be finishing it off today for lunch :)

November 12, 2008

passing it on...

i went to a coupon class early this week. this lady is AMAZING! she had 3 table full of FREE stuff that she had gotten using coupons. i have always liked cutting coupons, cutting them out on sunday afternoon. i like & use department store coupons, but she takes it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. its overwhelming & crazy, but i want to try. i love me some free stuff! first i have to get organzied, though - having all my coupons in a ziploc bag is not going to work. ha

a few tips:
  • find a grocery store that DOUBLES the coupons
  • find/get extra sunday newspapers from your newspaper carrier (for the coupons - just in case you want/need to buy extra of something)
  • CVS - get an extra care card for "extra care bucks"($ you can only spend there)
  • wallgreens & CVS - excellant source for getting FREE items
  • if you are unhappy with an product - call the company & ask for a refund
  • i know we all love TARGET - you can print out store coupons in the store - at the baby registry computers (i never knew that!!!) also, coupons at the end of your receipt

just wanted to pass along some good sites for FREE samples to get in the mail, coupons & eating places:
if you live in oklahoma or coming to visit this great state something:

and if you know of any please pass them on to me. thanks!

November 11, 2008

ten on tuesday...

i'm thankful for:
  1. my heater & sweaters... its cold here now. yuck!
  2. we got ONE good family picture on saturday... thanks sarah!
  3. finally got to see the movie fireproof... write more about that in another blog, but its a REALLY good movie!
  4. for all of kaden's new clothes that his 4 wonderful grandparents bought... grandparents are the BEST!
  5. over half done with my christmas shopping... all on sale or half/half off! i love a good deal!
  6. my boys hugs & kisses... smooch!
  7. my clean car that chad washed & vacuumed out for me this weekend... shiny like new!
  8. my close relationship with my parents. love you very much mom & dad!
  9. its just this simple... my husband ROCKS!!!
  10. for chad pushing me to start blogging... i really like writing it out & getting things out of my head. its been refreshing, energizing, creating creativity in me.

November 10, 2008

fun while it lasted...

we went with some teenagers last thursday night for a fun, cold evening of hayrides, warming bomb fires where we could cook hotdogs & smores. i'm not the outside type, nature kind of girl but once or twice a year its fun, esp when eating smores is involved.

the boys had fun on the hayride & kaden actually cooked himself & brock a hotdog.

8:30 rolls around (their bedtime) & kaden starts to get tired & brock only wants to be held by me. we (i mean they) had had enough of the country life & the cold weather so we packed up & headed back to town.

we were only out there, maybe 2 hours, which was fine with me!! i'm just glad that i got a couple of cute shots of the boys.

kaden deciding if he is going to eat it or not... he did!

everybody, including chad ready to go home!

November 7, 2008

not what i expected...

today chad & i meet with kaden's pre-k teacher for his first parent/teacher conference. chad & i were excited (or atleast i was) to go & see all of his crafts he has made since school started & also hear how he is in the classroom. she started off by saying-
  • he's a good leader
  • can cut very well
  • likes show & tell every friday
  • can count & recognize the numbers 1-30
  • knows his shapes & colors
  • can write his names
  • knows his letters
  • plays wells with the other kids in the class
  • confident boy
  • follows directions well

then she opened her book & started to show us pictures she had asked him to draw since the beginning of the school year -

first week of school - just a picture of himself with spiky hair (so cute that he didn't leave that detail out!)

second picture - picture of him & a shape

third picture - picture of him & two of his "girl" friends (i'm already telling him NO GIRLFRIEDS until college - they are trouble - haha)

fourth picture - another picture of him & his spiky hair (this time its higher... he needs a hair cut)

fifth picture & then the mood changed - a picture of our house & his slide with her writing on the bottom of the paper saying, "wants to go home to play & slide" she went on to say that she had seen a change in his behavior. he was not acting like himself, sad & telling his teachers he wanted to go home, not wanting to play on the playground, just walking around by himself.

my heart sank & tears begin to roll down my check. thank goodness she had a box of kleenex sitting on the table! i couldn't stop from crying. my heart felt VERY sad, wanting to figure out what was going on for him to feel this way. i had a lot of questions - what made him not want to be there anymore? is someone being mean to him? is he or had he gotten in trouble? he has enjoyed going to school for two months. now why the change?

i dried my tears but we didn't solve anything to why he doesn't want to go to school anymore. we both are going to do some investigating & try to find what's going on.

i'm asking for prayer. i hate knowing (and sending) kaden to school knowing for some reason he doesn't want to go. if you have any ideas/thoughts to help me, help him like school again i would appreciate it.

November 6, 2008

a little free time...

sitting at a red light... i play this
waiting to pick up kaden... i play this
before i go to bed... i play this
need a few minutes alone... i play this
in the kitchen... i play this
in between services on sunday... i play this
while the boys play outside... i play this
in the bathroom... i play this
while watching tv... i play this
dinner is in the oven... i play this
if i don't have to drive... i play this

do you get it?!?!?! i'm a LITTLE addictive to this game called BUBBLE BREAKER. ha the only reason i got my black jack phone is because it had the game! i walked into the at&t store, asking them which phones had this game. i know, a little crazy but its such a FUN game to me. it relaxes me, getting my mind off my crazy world for just a few minutes.

i know i'm not the only one that has a weird addiction to something like this. so tell me what are you addictive to?

November 5, 2008

look what i found...

yesterday while checking email my 2 year old said the word, "sleepy" once or twice. i kept reading my emails & didn't think anything about it - it was 9am in the morning he really couldn't be sleepy. I WAS WRONG! i left the room & when i came back this is what i found... they are so cute when asleep & not getting into things!!!

November 4, 2008

ten on tuesday

up until thanksgiving on tuesday's i will be writing ten things i'm thankful for. in no certain order - just off the top of my head.
so let's get started...
i'm thankful for:
1 - chad letting me buy a new pair of boots at the beginning of the month instead of waiting until the middle or the end! he's such a nice guy! :)
2 - that kaden has been going to school fine since our little incident last monday.
3 - that its not winter yet. i HATE the cold!
4 - that thanksgiving is close & i get to spend 4 days with my family.
5 - that i have a fridge & a pantry stocked up with food.
6 - that my boys share their halloween candy with me. i've done pretty good so far but i need it to be gone before i go on a candy rage & eat it all!
7 - that i have gotten back in contact with a friend from middle school.

8 - that God is so very, very faithful to my family!
9 - that i have already started my christmas shopping. i love finding a good sale at a store & stocking up on cheap gifts!
10 - my camera that kaden dropped, all of a sudden started working again.

November 1, 2008

halloween fun...

halloween is not my favorite holiday to celebrate. the only reason i let my boys get dressed up & go trick-a-treating is for the FREE candy! o'baby - i like me some FREE candy! and because i really don't care for this holiday i don't want to spend much on their costumes. i don't see the point on paying a lot for an outfit that they wear for a total of 2 hours. i can think of better things to spend my money on. anyways, i got their costumes at old navy this year for $5 a piece. i love me a good deal! they are cute but chad says next year they are dressing in more manly, man costumes! ha ha

we went trick-a-treating from 5 to 7 & then heading over to the the football game. two of the high school's in town were playing each other. nice weather, junk food, friends, kaden falling asleep in the 4th quarter, memorial bulldogs won - it was a great night!