October 13, 2009

today i am VERY thankful for chad...

my best friend...

great dad to kaden & brock (not in picture)...

family man...

October 12, 2009

no clue...

for a week now i thought i lost all my blog list, about me, you know all your sidebar stuff.

well, today i discovered it at the bottom of my blog.

not a clue how it got there.

not a clue how to get it back to where it needs to go.

do you? can tell me how... please!

i want my blog to look normal again :) ha

BEWARE: lots of fun

a friend a mine told me about this AWESOME site... photofunia.com

all you do is select the background you want (they have A LOT to pick from) & then a picture you want from your computer. it does the rest!

we spent an hour or so making some cool photos!!

BEWARE: its addicting!!

October 8, 2009

today i am thankful for...
(the pictures explain it all)

October 6, 2009

simple as that...

i have one of these in our living room. i am ALWAYS cold so having something warm close-by is a must!

one problem... BROCK!!!

he finds it fun to play with them - make tents, have a picnic, or just pull them off because he can.

i was getting so frustrated every time i walked into the living room to see 5 or 6 blankets on the floor.

"didn't i just pick those up?" i would ask.

all i would get back was his cute smile & laughs.

i feel dumb admitting it but my solution... taking 3 away. simple as that! not sure why i didn't think of it earlier!

((i can handle picking 3 blankets off the floor about 15 times a day!!! haha))

**does your kid do something over & over & you finally just figured out a simple solution?**

October 5, 2009

my simple woman's daybook... 10/5

outside my window... cloudy & cool

i am thinking... today is the day i must go grocery shopping. one of my least favorite things to do.

i am thankful for a great weekend in edmond... HS football game, allie (from our old youth group) won homecoming queen, fishing (kaden caught 2), eating, spending lots of time with mamaw & papaw

from the kitchen... not sure (yet!) but i'm thinking its homemade soup weather.

i am going... tuesday - i work & then STATE FAIR!!!
wednesday - church
thursday - work
friday - no plans
saturday - no plans (love these kind of weekends!)

i am hearing... silence - which means brock is more than likely doing something he shouldn't be!!

noticing that... i came home to a clean house last night but this morning its dirty again. funny how fast that happens!!

i am hoping... chad gets to feeling better.

you can join or read more here

my sim

October 2, 2009

a day late...

on thursday i usually write or make a list of things i am thankful for.

well, i didn't get to it because yesterday was horrible & to be honest just didn't feel like making a list.

i was tired & the boys were let's say... a (little!) cranky.

**so the first thing i am thankful for - its FRIDAY! we all had a good night sleep & we all woke up in good moods!

and b woke up dry (praise you jesus!) so i didn't have to wash the sheets for the first time in 3 days!

**the second thing i am (very) thankful for is the sweet photographer girl at picture people.

we had an apt at 5:30 wednesday. this would give us time to get home, let kaden play, watch his favorite cartoon & then we would head to the mall.

that plan was good but what i picked out was all wrong. (jeans, shirt & NOT his tennis shoes)

nope not what he wanted to wear & so the crying, arguing begins.

and it continued for 30 minutes.

he was crying & i was beyond mad.

we were late to our scheduled appointment but i couldn't reschedule because i had a coupon to get (free) 8x10, 2 5x7 & a sheet of wallets that was about to expire.

i felt sorry for whoever was going to end up taking his picture & trying to get him to smile.

the poor girl.

but she had a way with kaden & ended up getting him to smile.

i thanked her about a million times.

check out for yourself...
(and you will notice in the pictures that he isn't wearing the jeans. i took shorts just in case & that is when the best smiles came out !!)

September 30, 2009

85 days...

if i added it right that is the days until CHRISTMAS!!

((but i could be wrong so please do the math yourself. it was always my worst subject in school))

i have made my list of people that i need to buy for.

even, started looking online.

chad has even me the envelope with the christmas money so i am ready. set. go.

sunday... i bought my first christmas gift for my niece. brock saw it when i got home & when i wasn't looking he tried to open it. his face was so sad when i took it away, so i have decided to give it to him. i am hoping he forgets about it & will actually be surprised when he opens it! ha

and then yesterday... bought 5 more gifts.

i'm pumped that i have started this early. i am hoping to be done by black friday!

let the good times begin... shopping & finding good deals!!!

September 28, 2009

my simple woman's daybook... 9/28

i found a new blog here & every monday she makes a list of things going on in her life, sometimes it the same. sometimes she changes things up & adds new one.

either way... i love me some list!!

outside my window... some men painting the house behind ours

i am thinking... i have alot of my to do list - i don't need to be on here much longer. ha!

i am thankful for... my super clean garage. chad worked in/on it all day saturday - hung the bikes, put tools away but most importantly we can park both cars in there.

from the kitchen...
monday - tacos
tuesday - breakfast (biscuits, eggs, bacon, grits)
wednesday - grilled chicken
thursday - not sure
friday/saturday/sunday - will be in edmond with chad's parents

i am going...
tuesday - work (6am-10)
classroom birthday party in kaden's class
wednesday - kaden getting his picture taken at picture people
thursday work (7am-11)
friday - headed to edmond

i am hearing... music from the office (chad is working from home this am) and i hear brock laughing as he jumps off the couch onto the beanbag

pondering words... regardless of what else you put on, wear LOVE. it's your basic all-purpose garment. never be without it.

i am hoping... that i can actually post this. my computer keep being dumb.

around the house... cleaning up after my 3 year old - every room he goes in there is a mess when he leaves.

happy monday!

September 19, 2009

sad, sad day...

the neighborhood pool is now closed :(
and to make it a little worse its rained the past 7 days straight so we couldn't even use it.
i won't start worrying about bathing suit season just yet... i've got 8 months till it opens back up!! ha

happy fall ya'll!!!

September 18, 2009

summer fun... 2009

the summer is over :(
we had a great one & made alot of great memories!
since i didn't post this summer due to lack of internet access i have ALOT of pictures to post.
i didn't want to post them all separate, that would take forever.
slide.com came to my rescue.

September 16, 2009


its been a month since kaden started kindergarten ALL DAY!
so its just me & brock (and sometimes chad is around)
brock is my little helper... he loves to help me do my chores! we play with cars & get out every board game, we make yummy desserts & run errands.
man, its so much easier having one kid. lol
but ALL DAY brock will say, "i miss kk" or "when we going to go get kaden?"
i love this time with just him - having so much one-on-one time. i have never had "this" time, esp the ALL DAY amount. its special mom & brock bonding time.
love it! love him!

September 15, 2009

makes me smile...

at my house we have had overcast, raining days.

4 of them... right in a row!

i enjoyed the first day of all rain & staying inside, the second day was great too, third day i was just lazy & today... i need sunshine.

so today i am posting pictures of all things that make me smile even though the weather outside is not!

cheesecake factory strawberry lemonade with sugar around the rim... so, so good!!

our new church:

getting my paycheck every friday!

the original pacman:


getting my pottery barn kids magazine in the mail


chick-fil-a lemonade!

the beach... the sound of the waves, the smell, the sunrise & sunset... like it all!!

and i can't leave off my 3 favorite guys!!!

what are some of the things that make you smile?

September 14, 2009

birthday celebration...

the day has final come & kaden is now 6!!!

we got him out of school early (lunch of his choice) then headed to the tulsa zoo. after seeing all the animals we went to chuck e cheese to play games & then came home to finish putting up the trampoline from the grandparents.