September 28, 2008

go pokes!

we took a little break yesterday afternoon & went to the OSU COWBOYS football game with chad's family. we went early to tailgate & then went to game where chad & i were 2 out of the 100 total not wearing orange. (over 52, ooo total there in attendance) it was a sea of orange everywhere!

we told brock that morning we were going & from then on until 6pm when it started "game" is about the only word he said. he was so excited! what's funny is after the first kick-off he looked at me & said, "home bye-bye." we all got a good laugh out of that because we had seen the excitment on his face & heard it in his voice from saying, "game" about half a million times!!
of course kaden was into it. he took his football & played with the guys while the food was on the grill.

it was hot, we had good seats, bought all the overpriced drinks & junk food, had loud, crazy people around us which made for good entertainment when the game got boring! ha
it was fun & we are all ready to do it again.

floor update II....

it has taken chad a day or two longer because there seems to be some kind of delay every morning when he starts - ran out of black plastic stuff, found a small water leak at the bottom of one wall, tools stopped working. we (i am helping as much as i can!) are hoping to finish today, so chad can actually start to enjoy his vacation. i am ready for it to be completed. my house has never been this messy for this amount of time & its driving me crazy.

the kitchen is finished, for the most part

the leak he fixed, the wall he will now have to fix!

the living room - not much left to go!!!

hallway - the hardest part so far because of all the cuts he had to make for each door frame (4 total)

entry way - finished!

September 24, 2008

floor update...

installation of the hardwood floors is going good, besides having to go to ace hardwood store 3 times today to get and exchange knee pads.

before chad started laying the floor we (he) thought it would be cool to write our names & scriptures in different spots.

and of course, chad had A LOT of help from his boys!

September 23, 2008

CSI: Miami

i was SUPER PUMPED when i realized last night that the new season started!!! i don't get hooked to too many shows but this one i love to watch. how they can solve all these crazy murder cases in just one hour i know isn't real, but its got my whole attention right from the beginning.

this fall, every monday night at 9pm i will be glued to watching CSI: Miami.
just wondering... what are your MUST SEE tv shows???

September 20, 2008

last time, finished, no more...

this morning was the last time i will vacuum my living room & hallway. yea! we have known for awhile that we needed new carpet. ours was nasty! we have been saving money, because chad is a firm believer that you don't buy anything if you don't have the money for it.

all along, we have only talked carpet & have spent several days in the past few months looking at different carpet stores & bringing home samples. in the end we decided on hardwood floors. we ordered it 2 weeks ago & its in... all 32 boxes!

chad starts monday morning pulling out the nasty, stained, peed on, mud tracked carpet out of our home & install the beautiful dark hardwood floors in. i'm so excited!!

chad & about 40 something students left for six flags at 7 this morning. i decided not to go & have a fun day with the boys at the zoo. they were having a day with free giving aways, face painting, crafts & scavenger hunt.

September 19, 2008


for the past month i have been leading a Bible study with MS/HS girls called "purity's power". we watch a video with lisa bevere, read her book, "kissed the girls & made them cry, & then talk about it. its been really good & i think the girls are really getting it! mom's are being to see a difference in their daughters. yea!

last night she talked about not awakening the wrong kind of love at the wrong time. (song of songs 2:7 - don't awaken love until the time is right) this can so easily been done because sex is thrown in the girls faces with magazines, music, tv, & conversations at school. she challenged us to pursue HIM, to not walk but RUN.
When we draw near 3 things happen:
1 - He will NEVER push us away. He wants us there in His presence but we have to want to be there too.
2 - He will wash every trace of shame. He knows we want to change & become more like Him. we need to tell Him, speak it out.
3 - He will give us a hope & a future. Jeremiah 29:11 (my favorite scripture)

another good point she said is: the things you bring into your house have more power over you because you CHOOSE to bring them in. we have channels blocked on our tv,mostly so kaden won't see anything his little eyes don't need to see, but its also good for chad & i. it keeps us in check!

i gave the girls a worship cd that had a different artist on there that chad had put together. i know they all have ipods, but do they have worship music on there? i did this & really challenged them to spend some time awaken the right kind of love. He sings over us as we worship to Him.

what kind of love will you awaken today?

September 17, 2008


we had a two year old visitor in our bed last night. he came in the first time about 2am and chad took him back to bed. he came back the second time at 3am and was taken back to his bed again. we gave in at 4am when he came back for the third time. i let him crawl up between us with his bunny love, stuffed dog & blanket and he went right back to sleep. i didn't! brock moved, then moved some more, and i ended up with his feet in my face so i moved to the living room.

i turned on the tv to try to go back to sleep but i started watching the shopping network. i get hooked watching this channel very often. i have never ordered anything, but to hear the women talk about one piece of clothing or whatever they are trying to sell for 10 or so minutes really wows me. i could never do it so i am amazed! ha

does anyone else watch these types of shows... just wondering???

September 16, 2008

weekend wrap-up

it was busy weekend for us - starting with dentist visit for the family. chad & i had not been in almost 10 years. sad, i know! we left with a visit to come back and a bill close to $4000 between the both of us worth of work. ha - don't think so!!!
we were not sure how kaden would do, it being his first time. usually in new settings he becomes shy and uneasy, but he did great.

chad & kaden passed the time in the waiting room looking at car magazines.

clean teeth... no cavities!!!

later the day grammy, pops, trinity & dylan came in for kaden's birthday party.

it had rained most of that week & the forecast said that it had a 95% chance to rain on the day of his party. we told kaden this & said that we would move it to the gym at church if it was raining. he asked us to pray that it wouldn't rain. so every night at bed we prayed for no rain & at meal times too. saturday morning, no rain (yet) but it sure looked like it. at about 15 minutes till party time i begin to get several phone calls asking if we were moving the party to the church. it was raining hard all over edmond, but not in our neighborhood. it sprinkled a minute or two while we played some games outside & then stopped. as soon as we came in it started pouring. how awesome is God!!!

it was a fun party with kids running everywhere. and when it was all over & my parents left all 4 of us took a long nap.

September 15, 2008


i started reading a new book last week called, pathway to purpose.
two sentences have really stuck out to me so far -

1st statement: parenting isn't just my responsibilty, it is one of my God ordained roles in life.

2nd statement: motherhood is an anointed role.

often, i have thought to myself "what is my purpose in life" since chad is the one with the title "youth pastor" and i'm the stay-at-home mom. reading those two statements over & over, its really changed the way i view my role as a mother and wife. i have A LOT of responibilty to raise those boys (with God's help) from boys to men. that is my PURPOSE at this stage in my life to be a great mother to my boys. also, its to support & encourage chad. i have been blessed with an awesome husband & two wonderful boys - now i need to let God know that i accept these role.

September 9, 2008

birthday fun

kaden's birthday party is not until saturday, so we had our own party for him at "chucky cheese." (we have not been there since kaden turned 3 and brock was just 2 weeks old) it was a fun night of chasing brock & seeing kaden get so excited about winning tickets!!!

but before we even left, mamaw & papaw came over to give kaden his gift... a BIG BOY BIKE!

let the fun begin... (i think chad had just as much fun playing all those video games with kaden & brock!)

waiting to see how many tickets he has... 124!!!

the cheap toys he decided to get...

a good time for a family picture...

my favorite picture of the night... kaden asked if he could go to asleep while driving home & this is what we found when we pulled into the driveway. so sweet! his little brother on the other hand was wide awake & still ready to play for another 30 minutes. ha

September 8, 2008

kaden turns 5

kaden woke up yesterday morning wanting to "x out" sunday & it be his birthday already. he has been ready for weeks to turn 5 & have his olympic theme birthday party with his friends.

it's crazy, sad, & wierd that i have a 5 year old. am i getting old?!?!?!

it's so easy to love all of Kaden's silly faces, good hugs, competitive spirit, and his millions of questions. as he gets older he is learning to be more kind, polite, and respectful. he still has his times when he is not so "perfect" but he is getting so much better.