February 28, 2009

just because...

just because...
he wanted to.

he's a keeper!!!

February 27, 2009

one of the benefits...

ONE of the pluses of being a youth pastor (or just a yp wife) is that i get to tag along (i mean "help") at all the events.

last night i was lucky enough to go to... WINTER JAM

o.my.word was it CROWDED! we walked around, up & down the stairs looking for seats for about 30 minutes... no lie.

finally at the VERY top we found seats... our view: the top of their heads

chad left to meet someone & ended up finding us better seats.

well, some might say they are not better - they were behind the stage but to us & our OLD ears it was not so loud back there.

was that even possible?!?! my ears were ringing by the end of the night!

i got a little tired (it was past my bedtime) so i started taking pictures to stay awake... these pictures make me laugh!

i like music... to sing along. making-up words is what i do best!

i'm not too big on knowing who sings what songs. i am always asking chad who sings this.

last night i was singing along but did not have a clue who it was UNTIL... TOBY MAC!!! huge fan, have been since his dc talk days. anybody know who i'm talking about???

it was an AMAZING show... even though we saw it all from behind!!!

if winter jam comes to your area you need to go... worth the $10 to get in.

February 26, 2009

* i'm thankful for my husband... the man of God he is, who listens & does what he knows God is telling him to do, even though its hard.

* i'm thankful for the nice weather today... 78 is the high today!

* i'm thankful that my talk with k was helpful last week & that a good note was sent home today from his teacher.

* i'm thankful knowing that God is FAITHFUL!

* i'm thankful for the lessons i learn while teaching the middle school girls sunday school class every week. i was not excepting that!

* i'm thankful that i got my lazy behind out of bed... finally & started working out again this week.

* i'm thankful that i was able to bless someone with some stuff out of my FREE stuff cabinet.

thunder thighs...

click to enlarge

February 25, 2009

my feet are in heaven...

all because of this... the PED EGGthis is ONE of the things i asked for for my birthday.

i had seen it out on the shelves at stores for months, seen commercials about it, read some of your blogs & so i wanted to see... feel for myself why everyone just loved this enlarged egg.

when i saw it in the bag i was squealed with excitement like a little kid.

i then spent the next ten minutes trying to get it out. man, i hate all that plastic! i was so ready to try it out!

my opinion:
not as good as a pedicure... because you are the one doing the work but its cheaper than going to get one & it has made my o.so.rough & dried out winter feet ready for spring!

if you don't have you... its a must!!!

February 24, 2009


has anyone else heard of this show?
been watching it???

i think it is a BRILLANT idea... they were being judged on their inner beauty during the competition.
the catch: they didn't know it!

the judges set up situations each week & if they "failed" the three judges then would decided who needed to go. they watched video tapes of them & would see their "true beauty" come out.

this is when it would get funny because most of them had some big heads & think they ARE the most beautiful person on the world. how they talked about themselves just cracked us up!

i just LOVE the idea of this show. a show where you were judged & viewed on your INNER BEAUTY instead of what's on the outside. so good! i wish every teenager would have watched this show & caught the very important message they were getting out.

too much & for way too long we have let LA & NY, & the magazines tell us its about the size we wear our or what brand are jeans are... SO WRONG! its ok to look good but when that is all you care about then its wrong.

the Bible tells us, "God looks at the heart" & "true beauty is from Him"

during the show i had to do some examining of myself. i would like to say that true beauty always shines from me but that would be a lie. but its a reminder now, at the front of my brain that "TRUE BEAUTY" is my actions to others, to the people around me. doing nice, thoughtful things when NO ONE ELSE is watching. doing acts of kindness because that is what God wants that from me. and i want to make Him smile.

February 23, 2009

all aboaut me...

it should have been since it was my birthday yesterday, but things don't always seem to work out like i plan them in my head.

i guess the bad weekend started on friday night when i opened my BIG mouth & told my nice husband he was lazy. horrible & mean of me, i know & i wish i would not have even said it.

i did say sorry. (and sorry again chad if you read this - you & i both know lazy is not a word to use to describe you)

saturday was the day we were going to "act like" it was my birthday since sunday's chad is gone most of the day practicing fine arts (human videos) with the students.

after breakfast we headed to the mall for chad to check some shoes. i told him i would buy him a new pair since last week his got reaped while doing something for ladies night... that is the least i could do!

we had a little over an hour before we needed to leave & head to the circus.

we left the mall with no shoes & everyone hungry.

we headed to some fast food restaurant that we had never gone to. i'm cheap & compared to mcdonald's this place was EXPENSIVE! i stated i didn't want to waste money on this food when i knew it could be bought cheapier somewhere else.

from there the attitudes just got worse... we did have a good time at the circus though.

chad tried to redeem the day so we headed back to the mall so i could shop. bad idea! well, i did find 2 cute shirts but by this time the boys had had enough & did not want to be there. there were very bad which again put us all in bad moods again. (our fault we shouldn't not have gone back to the mall!)

at home, we all said sorry & went to bed.

SUNDAY (my actually birthday) was MUCH better!

every sunday i have to get myself dressed & the boys & out the door by 9 to be on time for sunday school. we did it & without me having to send either one of them to time-out or give any death threats. (ha!) we all left happy & in a good mood!!!

off to a good start!

people & students were sweet with nice things to say & cards. i did get called "old" several times, but that doesn't bother me. age is just a number.

for lunch we went to chiplote. i like going there just for the chips & guacamole. the boys were good the whole time. it was wonderful!

chad then headed back to the church for the afternoon & i needed to go to a few stores around town. it was brave of me to try that with the boys but i squeezed in the pest store in between my stores & it made a world of difference with them. :)

that evening we had home groups, small groups, whatever you want to call them at our house with 9th & 10th grades. after a few of them had arrive one of them jokingly said, "what a great way to spend your birthday... with a bunch of teenagers!" it was a great way. i love those students & so glad that they come into our home every other sunday night. they sang to me, ate & drank all my food, had alot of fun playing, learning, being a small family.

it was a rough start but how it ended was GREAT! then k, b, and chad sang to me one more time & i was knocked almost down with kisses & hugs. it was a sweet ending!

February 21, 2009

a week ago....

valentine's for us is about FAMILY.
we started a new tradition this year for the boys... instead of buying them a card that will get thrown away sooner or later. we are going to buy them a valentine book for them to keep & read over & over.
no date for chad & i... i like it that way. why pick one day to share the love? it should be EVERYDAY!!!
for breakfast we went to krispy kreme doughnuts... heart shaped!
for lunch we had pizza... heart shaped!
then that evening my brother, michael got us FREE tickets to the PBR. (so fun - kaden talked & squealed with excitement the whole time we were there)

it was FUN FAMILY FILLED day with alot of LOVE, HUGS & KISSES!!!

February 20, 2009

life made easier...

for breakfast, i would say 5 out of 7 days of the week my boys want pancakes.

frozen, blueberry, homemade... doesn't matter to them.

not hard... i can handle that.

well, yesterday while folding clothes i watched jon & kate plus eight.
(could you even imagine that many kids?!?!?)

they made my mornings easier... all because of this...

cut the pancakes with a pizza cutter!

i tried it this morning & it saved seconds!!! alot easier.

now i just need to find a travel pizza cutter to fit into my purse for when we eat out... anybody seen one?!?! ha ha

February 19, 2009

iii'm baaack....

i'm here
did you even notice i was gone for a couple of days
or even miss me?!?!?!
i didn't leave the blogging world

my life here in oklahoma has been a LITTLE busy!
every year for the past 4 years we do an outreach/event on a wednesday night in february called "LADIES NIGHT"

(this is the only pic i took - i will post more once i get some from the guy who took them)

its a BIG deal... decorations in the youth room, gym, & outside, giveaways, food, things for them to do while waiting for the service to start. its ALOT of work but so worth it!

the whole night is around one theme. this year it was BEAUTIFUL.

over the years of doing it the students have started dressing up, even the guys! i'm talking dresses, high heel shoes, the guys wear ties (they don't even do this on sunday's) its CRAZY but you can tell that they are having a blast. we are creating some memories that will last a lifetime for them.

i say all that to say, my house is a MESS!!!! piles & piles of laundry & dirty dishes, unmade beds & i don't even want to take a picture after i sweep today! (ha)

i also need to do some picture posting from our family valentine's day (great day!) and i will come visit your blogging world again soon.

i have missed being on here. its an addition, a drug for me! ha

i'm off to do some MUCH NEEDED cleaning...

February 16, 2009

i passed 3rd grade...

my niece sent me a link to see if i knew where the 50 states were.

just a fun internet game - WRONG!!!

it turned into 10 or 15 minutes of me trying to pass the 3rd grade!

i have to confess something.

i cheated.

i had to look at this:
i was just getting so frustrated & mad that i could not figure out those small northern states.

i only looked at it maybe two or three times.

and of course, not while i was actually taking the quiz. :)

i want you to take 50 states challenge & see how well you do & how long.

go here
let me know how long it takes you... happy monday!!!

February 14, 2009

what i love about k & b...

* i love he's dark eyes & long eyelashes.

* i love to watch him play sports.

* i love to receive pictures that he draws for me.

* "aah pickles" is what he says when he messes up.

* i love that fact that he is so honest... that he comes & tells me when he did something wrong.

* i love that he puts his plate in the sink after every meal.

* i love his smile!

* i love that he takes so many great pictures - he's photogenic.

* i love his passion that he has.

* i love his HUGE dimples!

* i love the fact that he's a mama's boy.

* i love that when he takes he's shoes off he either takes them to his room or put them neatly somewhere.

* i love that he only says 2 words & you know what he's talking about or what he wants.

* i love the sound of he's laughter... & we hear it often.

* i love how easy going he is.

* i love his cool hair... born with it... so easy to fix!

* i love his hugs i receive every morning.

* "lovey" is how he says love you.

* i love how quickly he obeys.

* now you go & tell your kids or write them a note, call them, tell them some how what you love about them. it will do wonders for their confidence! and it will make you both smile for sharing some love!!!

February 13, 2009

what i love about chad...

*chad, chadwich, clifton, chady-chad... i love that he lets me call him all these names.

* i love his feet... the prettiest & softest feet you will EVER feel.

* i love that he gets kaden dressed for school in the mornings.

* i love his eyes... they change colors with what he's wearing. so cool!

* i love how funny he is... really the funniest guy i know.

* i love he's creativity... it amazes me the ideas he pulls out of he's head.

* i love that he's a perfectionist, list maker & neat like me.

* i love how well we get along.

* i love that we are each others best friend.

* i love that he always keeps my car clean & gas tank full.

* i love that he is trying his best to be the best father to k & b.

* i love that taking out the trash is his job!

* i love that he makes me & the boys his TOP priority.

* i love that he is always trying to learn & grow.

* i love to hear him speak on.

* i love that he likes to shop with me.

* i love that he always drives when we go on trips. (i hate to drive!)

* what do you LOVE about your husband?
go & tell them... it will make his day!!!

February 12, 2009


in honor of the upcoming valentine's holiday, i am declaring it Love Week here on my blog.

today i will simply kick it off with a short list of insignificant things that I love.

my chi straightener... o' what did i do before those things were invented!

coupons & getting things for free. it really excites me to organize & save money.

flat shoes... i'm 5'7 (pretty tall) so i have never worn heels much. i own at least 15 pairs of flats (maybe more) & even more flip flops.

lip gloss... any kind. i just think my lips, my face looks a little bit better with some shine or color on the lips :)

my coach purse... in the perfect shade of blue. i have owned MANY of purses but this one is just perfect. i love everything about it!

my digital camera... what was i thinking not wanting to get one??? it took chad at least a year to convince me that digital is the way to go. so glad i finally gave in! now i can take, take, take & then delete, delete, delete!

now you tell me... what are some of the things you LOVE?

February 11, 2009

the list could go on & on...

want to see something gross, nasty, dirty???

i know you do!

i skipped sweeping my house one day.

that's it... ONE day & this is what i get... i was shocked! grossed out!

how could a family of 4 produce that much nastiness in such a short amount of time?!?!?

am i the only one living this way?

hope not! :)

February 10, 2009

etsy finding...

i have read many post about people LOVING esty. actually, it was one of my sister-in-laws who first told me about it a year or so ago.

i would look on there every once in awhile but never bought anything until last month.

i was in search for the perfect gift for my mom.

yes, its really late birthday gift but i think i accomplished what i wanted to do... finding something she will love & cherish forever... put it in a frame & you have our family tree.

the lady making it had to make it larger than she normally does - ha! i would say 21 family members is a BIG family! anybody else have that BIG of a family?

i have had it over a week now (sorry mom!) i am enjoying looking at it but its in the mail today!

February 9, 2009

for the past 3 days it has felt like spring - nice 70+ degree weather.

we are loving it, esp the boys!

we spent ALL of saturday outside - painting the garage door & shutters, mowing, new mulch & of course it would not have been a successful day if the boys didn't play in the dirt.

just look at their faces... too cute, even with dirt all over it!!!

February 6, 2009

almost perfection...

  1. last night chad & i went on a DATE!!! shame on us, but we don't do this enough. our only rule for the night - no talking about work/church stuff. it was REALLY & fun! we went to a nice dinner & then late movie. almost a little late for me. i almost feel asleep in the movies. ha what do you & your husband do for date night??? give me so ideas for the next time :)

  2. kaden found the remote control to the t.v. we looked everywhere but here...

  3. a man in the church is a chef at the chef school & he invited us in today to try some things. FREE yummy lunch!

    happy friday! hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend!

February 5, 2009

something old / something new...

i think it was last month that i was given an award by a beautiful friend rachel (sorry rach for taken so long to get it posted & pass it along)

The Great Attitude/Spirit of Gratitude Award

rachel, thank you to for seeing my blog as a place where positive attitude is expressed and gratitude is present!

Here are the guidelines.....

put the logo on your blog or post.

nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE! be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Now to pass it on.....

the following ladies are simply incredible. its a privilege to have a small glimpse into their lives. they make me laugh, smile, think & challenge me.

becky @ the branches

ronel @ mommy accountablity

shannon @ bless our nest

tanja @ on that note

sarah @ life in the parsonage

lindsay @ bales & tales

lisa @ blessed

jennifer @ love, laughter & lyrics

michelle @ the froggy bottom blog

megan @ tales of the trees

melinda gave me my SOMETHING NEW...

it is the Friendship Award which means:
  • These blogs are exceedingly charming.
  • These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.
  • They are not interested in self-aggrandizement.
  • Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.
  • Please give more attention to these writers.
  • Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

i pass this one to:





a moxie mom




i HATE to leave people out so please - if you want either one of these awards then i award it to you :)

go & share the LOVE!!!

February 4, 2009

book #2...

i read this book in one day... not sure if i have ever done that before?!?!

AWESOME book! short (only 110 page) & easy reading.
the book: the truth about you / your secret to success
by: marcus buckingham(the picture is kinda small & you can't read it all)

not a christan book (usually what i read)
not a parenting book (usually what i read)
but a friend of chad's gave him this before christmas & said he thought we would both like it.

throughout the whole book it talks about finding & knowing your strengths & weaknesses.

to thrive in life, you must understand your weakness, so clearly that they never trip you up.

learn how to name, own & channel your strength's so that the rest of us can benefit from them.

weakness - any activity that leaves you feeling weaker after doing it

strength - pay close attention to what you're feeling before, during, after an activity.

along with the book come with a REMEMO PAD (helping you reveal your strenths using everyday experiences) - you carry this notepad around with you for a week & when you feel strong / weak you write down
the activity you're doing.

i can't tell you enough, explain any better how good & how this book has changed my outlook on what i do as a youth pastor's wife. i no longer feel guilty for not doing certain things because i know its not my strength. i don't need to foucs on my weaknesses which makes me tired, upset, & discouraged. i need to focus my time & engery on what excite me, encourage,& uplift me. if you're doing something that you really like & you do it well then your attitude, your life will show it. the people around you will also benefit from it too.

a HUGE burden was lifted!

February 3, 2009

canvas pictures...

a few of you have asked how i did the picture canvas' of my boys, so i'm going to tell you.

all you need is 3 things:
  • print out pictures
  • canvas
  • mod podge

we used 16x20 canvas' (it was a big wall we were putting them on, so we needed a bigger impact) got the canvas' at hobby lobby. i bought the 2 pack for $9.99 & had a 40% coupon.

mod podge can also be bought at hobby lobby.

the prints we got printed out at kinko's. i had them printed out a little bit larger (18x22) so i could wrap the picture around the edges. why do this you might ask??? i didn't want any of the white around the edges to show. i got all 3 prints for $3.26, but nothing i do EVER comes out right the first time. chad went back the second time & they charged him $2.50 each. not sure why???

i did black & white because we like it better but also because of $$$. if you would get this size print printed out in color your talking about spending A LOT of money.

why i had to buy extra prints from kinko's was because at my first attempt i put mod podge all over the canvas. this made the picture bubble & look horrible. we finally figured out to only put a little in the corner. let it dry, then seal it all over the top of the picture.

easy project & the whole thing cost less than $25.00 - SUPER DEAL!!!! you can't buy art work that cute in the stores!!!! ha ha

i hope i explained it well enough for you to try at home. please let me know if you do - i want to see your masterpieces!

February 2, 2009

on thursday i begin to feel a little "not so good"... sore throat, headache, neck pains, the chills...

perfect chance for me to get some good sleep, so i headed to be at 8pm!
(thanks chad!)

friday i was no better. actually i layed around until 4. i needed to get up & start cleaning the house. we were having out of town friends come over at 6:30.

i faked it & i think i was a good host!

saturday morning i woke up with knots down both sides of my neck. i was made to go to the dr right then!

i don't like to go to the dr... not because i'm scared but because i don't want to pay the money for the visit when i will feel better in a few days.... (just let me lay here a little longer in my warm bed while you take care of the kids is what i was thinking! ha ha)

so i went to a walk-in dr office place, like a good girl.

i was told i had something (inflamed throat & lipnoids)... she used this BIG word that i couldn't say, nor remember once i left that office building.

i am taking some HUGE pills twice a day for the next ten days. funfun!!!

so that is why i haven't been on here for the last 4 days (i think a record)
no fun adventurous to tell you about. sorry.

i do have something to brag about... chad finished my canvas project for me while i was laying around sick. so excited about this... he did an AMAZING job!