July 26, 2008

texas size fun

we have been home a week now from our visit to texas, but we had no internet so i could not post any pictures until now.

grammy and pops just got a new scooter and everyone loved riding it... esp the older boys! (ha - lance and michael!!!)

we went swimming several times everyday.

brock was being very brave and he actually jumped off the driving board to uncle michael.

we went to the water park... twice. once with all the cousins and then later in the week with just grammy and pops. kaden was so excited that he was tall enough to go on all the rides.

brock loved wearing these goggles - not sure why. maybe because all the older cousins and his brother wore them everytime we went swimming. i think they make for some cute pictures!!!

nap time.... pop's favorite thing to do!!!

thanks mom and dad for a wonderful week! the week went by way to fast! thanks for being such a great grammy and pops to the boys! we love you very much!!!


Hazel said...

brock was so brave!!!
i love you all.

Pops said...

The week did fly by...every day was wonderful and fun! Those boys are growing up way too fast. We love you all!

Jason B said...

Those pictures look nice, and so does your blog. Keep it up.