July 1, 2008

welcome to our world!

CHAD /// the person who had the dream & high hopes 8 years ago that i would fall in love with him during our college days. what was i thinking to say no the first 2 times?!?! he is so wonderful, funny, inspiring, encouraging, smart, creative, an amazing father, do i need to go on??? life is great because he is in my life! oh and i should mention that his side job is modeling!!!

KADEN /// our first sweet baby. he is all about sports - any & every one. he is a leader in his classes at school & church. he loves to make-up songs & then sing them at the top of his lungs. he always has a million questions. he gives great hugs. he has an amazing memory. he's a great big brother - brock is actually a walk around "tag" for him. when there is nothing soft close by kaden will rub on brock's ears.

BROCK /// our second sweet baby & a mama's boy! he plays well by himself. he is my little helper around the house. he looks up to kaden & tries to do everything that he does. he has the cutest dimples when he smiles. already at the young age of one he is really funny. he can always make us laugh. seeing him every morning always starts my day off great.

i love the 3 boys in my life ~ i am truly blessed!


Summer said...

i will GLADLY welcome myself to your world. I am so proud of you. I hope you keep this up.
Love you,

Pops said...

I love these guys! All boys! And love sports too! LYT! Pops

Daisy said...

i like you blog aunt misty!

Hazel said...

awwwwwwwww... there so cute!!! i miss you aunt misty!

Sherri said...

We LOVED getting to spend time with the boys last week, thanks for letting them come! We cant wait for yall to come back in a few weeks! They are so cute and fun!