June 3, 2009

summer, summer time...

summer is here...
  • moving to a new town
  • swimming
  • taking the boys to the park
  • meeting new people
  • vacation
  • ice cream
  • start exercising again
  • trying to get the boys back into a routine
  • sleeping in
  • dates with my husband
  • grilling out
  • family
  • trying not to get lost too many times in Ttown!
  • movie nights
  • getting tan by the pool
  • spending time with friends

our summer is going to be fun... laid back... spent together!

this will be a first for us.

in the eight years that we have been married chad & i have done youth camp, i-camp, mission trip, national trip & then all the stuff you do in between with & for the youth every summer. its fun, no doubt with those crazy teenagers, but at the same time it left little or no time for us as a family.

this summer WILL be different. it already feels a little weird with chad not talking about or planning things for the youth.

i am sad - for the last 8 years this is all i have known. so many, many emotions. what keeps me going is knowing without a doubt that God wants us in tulsa. that excites me to know we are in "His Will"

i write all this to say that i will be here in the blogosphere hit & miss this summer. i have never been good at writing everyday & so i won't even try this summer.

this summer will be spent making great memories with my family!


Ronel Sidney said...

That is the best way to spend your times..enjoy!!

jennifer said...

that is so great! I am thrilled for your family. Make lots of fantastic memories together this summer!

CARLY said...

I know you absolutely LOVE comments, especially from me :) Loved your post, make memories of this big change I know that it will be great!! I love you and I am praying for you DAILY! You, Chad, Kaden, and Brock are always on my mind! Miss you tons!!

Carly :)

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Heather said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great summer!! Can't wait to see pics and hear about everything you do!

Amy Van Pay said...

Call me! I'll give you my number on Fb, so check it!!!

Anonymous said...

I know I'll enjoy reading your blogs. I can tell you have a Christ centered marriage. Where were you and what did you do? Why did you move to Tulsa? What are 3 good things about moving to Tulsa?Marilyn