October 6, 2009

simple as that...

i have one of these in our living room. i am ALWAYS cold so having something warm close-by is a must!

one problem... BROCK!!!

he finds it fun to play with them - make tents, have a picnic, or just pull them off because he can.

i was getting so frustrated every time i walked into the living room to see 5 or 6 blankets on the floor.

"didn't i just pick those up?" i would ask.

all i would get back was his cute smile & laughs.

i feel dumb admitting it but my solution... taking 3 away. simple as that! not sure why i didn't think of it earlier!

((i can handle picking 3 blankets off the floor about 15 times a day!!! haha))

**does your kid do something over & over & you finally just figured out a simple solution?**

1 comment:

pops said...

I had a daughter that acted that way when she was a young child! haha She was soo cute it was impossible to get mad!