October 2, 2009

a day late...

on thursday i usually write or make a list of things i am thankful for.

well, i didn't get to it because yesterday was horrible & to be honest just didn't feel like making a list.

i was tired & the boys were let's say... a (little!) cranky.

**so the first thing i am thankful for - its FRIDAY! we all had a good night sleep & we all woke up in good moods!

and b woke up dry (praise you jesus!) so i didn't have to wash the sheets for the first time in 3 days!

**the second thing i am (very) thankful for is the sweet photographer girl at picture people.

we had an apt at 5:30 wednesday. this would give us time to get home, let kaden play, watch his favorite cartoon & then we would head to the mall.

that plan was good but what i picked out was all wrong. (jeans, shirt & NOT his tennis shoes)

nope not what he wanted to wear & so the crying, arguing begins.

and it continued for 30 minutes.

he was crying & i was beyond mad.

we were late to our scheduled appointment but i couldn't reschedule because i had a coupon to get (free) 8x10, 2 5x7 & a sheet of wallets that was about to expire.

i felt sorry for whoever was going to end up taking his picture & trying to get him to smile.

the poor girl.

but she had a way with kaden & ended up getting him to smile.

i thanked her about a million times.

check out for yourself...
(and you will notice in the pictures that he isn't wearing the jeans. i took shorts just in case & that is when the best smiles came out !!)


Becky said...

You are so silly! The heartbeat was around 153 last time. His pictures turned out great! He is just precious!

Shea said...

the pics look great! i love the top one!

Monika said...

Those are great pictures!! Man, I understand about arguing over outfits. Thankfully, London doesn't care what I pick out.

Shannon said...

Those pictures are too cute! :)

In response to your question...it could get expensive buying holiday decorations but I do not buy anything that is not on sale. Everything I use has been bought over our 5 years of marriage and I always buy after the season. :) The only exception is buying 50% off at Hob Lob. I just buy a little every year and before long it just adds up. :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

The pictures are so cute!