August 19, 2008

birthday boy

my sweet baby brock is turning 2 today!

8/19/06 - 5:40am

he's a keeper... i'm so glad his ours!!!


Sherri said...

Oh my goodness! He was so cute then (he had the coolest baby hair!!) and he is still so cute now! Happy Birthday Brock!!
Michael, Sherri, Christian, Dylan and Trinity

Summer said...

big week for you guys huh!? :) happy birthday brock - i've NEVER MET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only seen you in your mommy's belly - hope to change that someday.

pops said...

Happy Birthday Brock! We love you and are very thankful God gave you to this family! He is a keeper for sure. Wow! He's Two! Love you All! Pops & Grammy

Daisy said...

happy birthday brock!

Hazel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i miss you guys! hes so cute!