August 18, 2008

somebody is getting old!!!

chad joined the "30" club on saturday! welcome & i hope it treats you with much respect! ha ha ha i love you!!!

chad's mom had the creative idea to write "30" out of cupcakes. i did this wednesday night as a suprise party for him with the ignite youth.

on saturday (his actually birthday) we meet up with his family for lunch.

the clown of the family...


Summer said...

yea for chad!!!!!!!!!!! i hope its not too depressed - tell him to remember that he married an older woman. WOWZERS.

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Chad!

Sherri said...

To Chad,
Welcome! It just gets better from here, promise!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Daisy said...

happy birthday uncle chad!
that was a good idea with the cupcakes. :D

Hazel said...

hes not THAT old! my dad is 34! HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE CHAD! XD