August 20, 2008

the first day of pre-k

the morning went smoothly until it was time to put the shoes on. kaden is VERY picky about how they feel on the inside on his feet since he doesn't like wearing socks that much. so, he decided on some brown ones. he's all dressed and we put on the shoes. "nope, not feeling good today" is what he said. i laughed and a little upset, but decided not to make a big deal out of it. i didn't want him to get upset and then the whole morning ruined. so he picked out another pair of shoes. those of course didn't match the outfit he had on, so he had to change clothes, too. we had a little talk and both agreed that we would pick out a outfit together and that would be what he would wear to school - no matter what!

the school is at the end of our street so we walked together hand in hand. (i try to cherish those moments because i know someday he's not going to want to do that anymore) i walked him to his class and showed him where his tote went, helped him find him name tag and show him all the centers where he will play everyday.

i had prepared myself for when i had to tell him good-bye and walk out the door. i hoped he wouldn't cry like he does most sunday's when i drop him off for sunday school, but i knew there might be that chance. i told him i was leaving, hugged him and kissed his cute cheek and walked away. i heard my name right before i got to the door, fear gripped my heart before i turned around. i didn't want to see my big boy upset, but what i saw was him walking towards me, reach up and kiss my check.
i then was the one with tears in my eyes!


pops said...

A great first day and a wonderful memory. We're proud of you both! Pops & Grammy

Summer said...

thanks - i'm balling.

Hazel said...

thats so cute aunt misty! i miss you