September 30, 2009

85 days...

if i added it right that is the days until CHRISTMAS!!

((but i could be wrong so please do the math yourself. it was always my worst subject in school))

i have made my list of people that i need to buy for.

even, started looking online.

chad has even me the envelope with the christmas money so i am ready. set. go.

sunday... i bought my first christmas gift for my niece. brock saw it when i got home & when i wasn't looking he tried to open it. his face was so sad when i took it away, so i have decided to give it to him. i am hoping he forgets about it & will actually be surprised when he opens it! ha

and then yesterday... bought 5 more gifts.

i'm pumped that i have started this early. i am hoping to be done by black friday!

let the good times begin... shopping & finding good deals!!!


Becky said...

You go girl...I have not started at ALL! 85 days that is sooner than I thought!

Jennifer said...

Wow! You are amazing. I haven't even thought about buying anything yet. Although my kids have made some nice long lists already, so I could get started anytime I guess!

Sharee said...

I LOVE the new picture at the top! I haven't been on your page in a while, but I love it! how'd you do the graphics? I'm working on changing my blog and twitter name, so I'd love if you could check it out, follow me (if you don't already!) and help me choose a new name!

Kristin said...

I already have the fever!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

85 days?!?! It is coming up quickly! I'm impressed that you've started. I just made a list yesterday. Trying to get organized and stay in budget.