March 26, 2009

bedtime routine...

chad is the one that puts the boys to bed while i finish cleaning the kitchen or doing some kind of house work before i head to bed.

i like this because i am with them all day & this gives him some good time with them... talking, getting lots of hugs & kisses, reading stories & praying.

last night he was tired & asked me to do it.

really it was more like, after kissing them goodnight, "mom will be in here in a sec to read to you"

he walked into the living room & said read, "the very hungry caterpillar" & they will be out by the end of the story"

i laughed & said "ya right"

i went to find the book because i was tired & wanted to get to bed soon so i followed my wise & the bedtimer {PRO} advise and...


i don't say that very often... haha

but last night i was glad to say it!!!

i'm not sure what is it or why they fall asleep to this book but i'm glad he shared the secret with me.

so the next time your ready for bed & its your turn to read stories to the kids, go find this book & hopefully it will work on them too.

or what is something that puts your kids right to sleep???


Lindsay said...

this is one of my favorites!! :)

Glad it did the trick!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That is so cute. We always read before bedtime too.

Megan said...

Hey girl! When do we get to hear the story of your church plant in Tulsa?? I would love to hear all about it!

Amber said...

We are pretty lucky when it comes to bedtime. The girls just go to sleep!! Saylor sometimes cries when she's had too long of a nap in the afternoon, but it doesn't take long and she's out!!

Glad that book is working for you!

And um....I'm kind of hesitant to reply back to your comment on here. It'd be REALLY outta place, lol. Did you read my post about how to fix your settings so your email address shows up when you comment?? You should! ;)