March 12, 2009

i love....

chad's sermon last night in ignite was great!!

i am guilty of hearing sermons & then doing nothing with what i had just heard. ((( i could write a whole post about this!))) is this only me???

he talked about how we say "i love" for any & everything that we really, really like...
i love chocolate
i love lucy
i love my new flats
i love this song
i love summer time
i think you get my point

we also say "i love God" but we shouldn't be putting Him in the same "i love you's" with all the rest of these things.

he encouraged & challenged the students & adults in the room to be "captivated" by God. instead of saying "i love God, say "my heart is captured by Him"

that we should not be just camping out enjoy life, but we are working hard at knowing Him more. that we need to do things in life to get close to God, sacrifice some things, some sleep, some meals. alot of times we say we want to be close, want a heart like God's but our actions don't follow thru.

i went to bed thinking about this & woke up still on my mind.

i know there is a WHOLE LOT more i can be doing for my heart to be all His.


Rach@In His Hands said...

I'm with you, friend!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Yes! I was going to write a post on a very similar subject too! We get so challenged each week at our new church, awesome sermons! And then putting it into practice seems like such a huge step! We've been working it! :)

Anonymous said...

Never thought about it like that. I certainly wouldn't put God in the same category as chocolate, but I guess I do with my words.

Thanks for giving me something to think about.

Kelly said...

Just thought I'd say 'hi' since I've been out of commission/blogging for a spell! Hope you and your family are doing well! That's really exciting news about your church plant.....and your home under contract so quickly too!
God is so good.

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Mrs. Sidney said...

This is exactly what I want to do... thank you for the encouragemenet... I loved the picture of the boys back together again, too.