March 2, 2009

your help... please!

when it comes to cooking i'm no good, not even close to good!

i do try to cook somewhat good & healthy meals for my family several times a week.

recently, a family in the church gave us a WHOLE LOT of meat, but i have not a clue how to cook it.

i have tried looking up recipes in cookbooks & on the internet but can't seem to find anything worth trying or doesn't included 50 ingredients i have to buy.

this is where i need your help... please!

the meat we were given:
beef steak / round steak / beef chuck roast / bone steak

if you have a good & EASY recipe you don't mind sharing or know of a site please tell me.

thanks so much (in advance!)


taylor said...

ok, what you do is go to and search make easy steak.

6HappyHearts said...

I'm afraid the only thing I have to share is Reynold's Oven Cooking Bags!
They are the bomb! They keep the meat juicy & tender while in the oven. I just throw a brisket in one w/Lipton's dry soup mix, other seasonings & veggies & presto! A very nice meal?!
Just saw your post on Winter Jam!
I posted about Toby Mac today LOL!!!
I got to see him via DVR instead of live : ( Oh well he rocks either way!!

Becky said...

I don't eat beef or I would give you a recipe! I think soup would be good though!

LuAnn said...

I have a really great cookbook that I got at Wal-Mart. It is called Fix it -n-Forget it. All crock pot receipes that are great. All your meats are in there too.
For the Roast I love to stick it in the crock pot with lots of cut up onions beef broth on low for about 8 hours. You don't even need a knive.

Suzanne said...

there are several types of roast you can do. There is a marinade called daddy hinkles... amazing!
You can make smothered steak... I can give you the recipe. You can make beef tips, or grilled steak ( I have an amazing homemade marinade), beef stroganoff, steak soup... just to name a few. If you want the recipes just let me know!

Amber said...

Oh, how nice of them! I agree on the beef stroganoff, the lipton soup mix, and those Reynold's Oven bags sound great, I'll have to try them.

I also think stew would be good. I have a very good recipe for "Ribs & Rice" but I usually use a good chuck roast. My mother in law's had too many ingredients, and it was a pain, so I found my own, and I love it! It's super easy!

Let me know if you want any.

taylor said...

of, you could do a hamburger helper meal with steak.

jennifer said...

I almost always search recipes at
It's a Southern Living site.