October 7, 2008

laughing matters

in my october parenting magazine it had a statics's about laughter:

the number of times kids laugh each day
the daily chuckle count for adults

pretty sad. i know i get caught up in me, my house chores & what has to get done that i don't laugh much any more. i'm too serious & my focus is on getting house things done. sad, i know. with realizing this information some change has to take place. i have known & heard that life is meant to be fun, to be full of good things but i haven't actually lived it. i am changing, coming up with ways to make life more enjoyable but first i think slowing down & laughing more is a good start!


Pops said...

Great idea! I try to get Grammy to laugh more, daily too! But most of the time she doesn't think my jokes are funny! LYT!

Becoming Me said...

Wow...nice tidbit of info to help put things back into perspective

monika said...

So true!! I need to relax alot more and just have fun with my children and husband!!