October 30, 2008


chad & 12 students have been practicing all month to do this drama outreach in our youth service last night. the purpose of this dramatic production was to expose the devil of the LIAR that he really is.
we had:

- 22 first time visitors.
- 5 first time salvation's
- 24 re-commitment (use to be Christian, not living for God, saved again)
- 35 Christians struggling with sin – forgiveness
- 20 Christians re-assured that God’s plan is greater than the devils

- 31 also marked that LIAR challenged them to reach out to their unsaved friends
IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!! and we are doing it again in the second service sunday morning. we are super excited about this & pray that many more will get saved & rededicate their lives.

i took over 100 pictures that night - here are just a few.


Pops said...

Wow that's Awesome! A Realy Great Evening is helping people find Christ--His Love and His Forgiveness! I will be praying Sunday will also impact people and have life changing results...

Monika said...

That's so great. I would love to see it. did someone video it?

Kelly said...

Love your new blog background!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Awesome! Praise God for what He is doing through your lives! You are so full of energy and the Spirit! How exciting! Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. I love making new blog buddies! And I love seeing and hearing how God is at work. Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Your boys are precious!