October 20, 2008

new plan... new mom...

  • Mondy - laundry (clothes)

  • Tuesday - laundry (towels)

  • Wednesday - not usually home

  • Thursday - bathrooms

  • Friday - laundry (clothes)

  • Saturday laundry (bed sheets)

  • Sunday - take a nap!

    • i like my house perfect - all the time! (i get this from my mom) just in the past few weeks my eyes have been opened & i noticed that i clean more than i play with my boys. this really bothred me and i needed to change & that is why i made a list of chores for myself. so far so good. i am sticking to it & getting to build lego's, put together puzzles, play board games, play dough, make forts, play school & pizza shop. its awesome to be a stay-at-home mom again & not just a cleaning lady.


      Monika said...

      Amen!! I wish we could afford a maid to do all those things each week and then we would really have lots of play time!!!! No, I haven't seen that movie yet, but want to,.

      Anonymous said...

      That is awesome Misty! You are such a great mom!

      Pops said...

      Good for you! Enjoy those boys...they grow old tooo fast. LYT!

      Jennifer said...

      Good for you. I feel like that a lot of the time, and my house is farrrrr from perfect. I still need to stop and spend more time enjoying the kids- before they grow up and leave me!