October 9, 2008

need your help

i am in search of some new concealer , foundation, something to cover up under my eyes. what i am wearing now i don't like because in 4 hours its off & i have to re-apply.
i hate doing this! or maybe the circles are getting darker & bigger as i become older?!?! (ha ha ha) i want something natural looking but will last all day. so please help me if you know of something good & stay worthy.


Anonymous said...

try cotten candy pink eye shadow.

The Bray Family said...

Misty, I dont know much about makeup...but I do know that when we color your hair darker, it is probably accentuating the dark circles. So if you are seeing them more now, it could have to do with the fact that we just colored your hair and it is darker. Hmmm, so either you can find something that is a good concealer (have you tried anything MAC?) or maybe we shouldnt go so dark (although it is lovely) next time?

UncleSteve said...

Christ used mud and a little water.
Not sure if it would match your skin tone but it does stay on well. How you doin? Call us sometime.

Summer said...

my arbonne is still making me happy - concealer that lasts all day & then mineral powder foundation. and after that i put on bronzer (b/c i'm so white!)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I heart makeup so I had to comment!

I use the Sheer Cover mineral foundation and it comes with concealer and I LOVE IT! So easy and good natural coverage :)

Hope you find something great!