September 16, 2009


its been a month since kaden started kindergarten ALL DAY!
so its just me & brock (and sometimes chad is around)
brock is my little helper... he loves to help me do my chores! we play with cars & get out every board game, we make yummy desserts & run errands.
man, its so much easier having one kid. lol
but ALL DAY brock will say, "i miss kk" or "when we going to go get kaden?"
i love this time with just him - having so much one-on-one time. i have never had "this" time, esp the ALL DAY amount. its special mom & brock bonding time.
love it! love him!


tiburon said...

Oh what I would give for full day Kindergarten!

He is a cutie patootie :)

Tiffany Cooper said...

This is so special! I am already looking foward to my alone time with Case and we still have 2 years to go before that happens:-)

Monika said...

SO cute. I bet that is nice to just have one. And then it will just be you. what will you do then?? He's so sweet.