September 15, 2009

makes me smile...

at my house we have had overcast, raining days.

4 of them... right in a row!

i enjoyed the first day of all rain & staying inside, the second day was great too, third day i was just lazy & today... i need sunshine.

so today i am posting pictures of all things that make me smile even though the weather outside is not!

cheesecake factory strawberry lemonade with sugar around the rim... so, so good!!

our new church:

getting my paycheck every friday!

the original pacman:


getting my pottery barn kids magazine in the mail


chick-fil-a lemonade!

the beach... the sound of the waves, the smell, the sunrise & sunset... like it all!!

and i can't leave off my 3 favorite guys!!!

what are some of the things that make you smile?


tiburon said...

Ooo most of those things make me smile too :)

Christie said...

Hi,I found your blog from theblogfrog. =)
What a great idea to list things that make you has been so rainy here too. I love your list and have to agree wtih many of your ideas...getting the paycheck(although mine only comes once a month), pottery barn kids magazine, and the beach/pool. I would have to add Sonic Happy Hour: Diet Coke with Cherry to my list.


Kristin said...

I loooooooove it when I open the mailbox and the PBK catalog is in there!