September 28, 2009

my simple woman's daybook... 9/28

i found a new blog here & every monday she makes a list of things going on in her life, sometimes it the same. sometimes she changes things up & adds new one.

either way... i love me some list!!

outside my window... some men painting the house behind ours

i am thinking... i have alot of my to do list - i don't need to be on here much longer. ha!

i am thankful for... my super clean garage. chad worked in/on it all day saturday - hung the bikes, put tools away but most importantly we can park both cars in there.

from the kitchen...
monday - tacos
tuesday - breakfast (biscuits, eggs, bacon, grits)
wednesday - grilled chicken
thursday - not sure
friday/saturday/sunday - will be in edmond with chad's parents

i am going...
tuesday - work (6am-10)
classroom birthday party in kaden's class
wednesday - kaden getting his picture taken at picture people
thursday work (7am-11)
friday - headed to edmond

i am hearing... music from the office (chad is working from home this am) and i hear brock laughing as he jumps off the couch onto the beanbag

pondering words... regardless of what else you put on, wear LOVE. it's your basic all-purpose garment. never be without it.

i am hoping... that i can actually post this. my computer keep being dumb.

around the house... cleaning up after my 3 year old - every room he goes in there is a mess when he leaves.

happy monday!


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Oh, I want a super clean garage! Hoping it will get that way soon, before the mornings get cold.

Cute blog!

Ronel Sidney said...

I love this idea... maybe I will join in next week!!

Heather said...

Love this!! Maybe I will participate too one Monday!! Love your lists!!