September 2, 2009

learning process...

*instead of sweeping the kitchen floor, i read books to the boys.

*instead of putting the clean clothes away, i am a band member in the band.

*instead of just putting a movie on & walking away, i stay & watch it too. (with popcorn, of course!!)

*instead of putting the dishes away, i play a board game.

*instead of cleaning the toys up right away, we leave them & i follow them outside for a walk or head to the park.

i have not always been this way. and to be honest, its still hard sometimes to see all that i need to do & not do it.

i am learning that "in the moment" with the boys is most important.

i am realizing that all my "have to's" can really wait until after the boys are in bed.

i need to enjoy today... NOW!!!

i need to remember that i can't get time back from them.

my sweet boys are growing fast & i need to make the best memories with them everyday!


pops said...

That's so true....enjoy every moment with them...they'll be grown and gone before you know it! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night. Love You1

SuzSpeaks said...

Misty, you are such a good mommy! I needed this post today! Thank you!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

This is so sweet and so true! I love it!

tiburon said...

What fantastic thoughts. I love that

Christie said...

I love touching and true!

Brenda Susan said...

Wow, this list is so beautiful! I was a ministry mom to 2 boys who are now 23 & 26. Your decisions to put them first are well worth the frustration of seeing undone things around you.
My sons are great men, but I would do many things differently if given the chance!
You are a good mom, enjoy!