September 1, 2009

8 years ago i was younger, skinner, no kids, we had no ministry experience but we were in love & getting married.

since then we have moved three times, i've gotten older & fatter, some gray hairs are showing & a lot has been colored, 2 boys were added to the family but one things remains... STILL IN LOVE!!

we are celebrating 8 years strong today!!! so this post is dedicated to him...

1) i love how you make me laugh with your facial expressions, your quick comebacks, your smells, your wit, its something different but its

2) i love you as my best friend, one who i truly enjoy & love being around

3) i love you for the father you are to the boys. they adore you & love to be around & play with you

4) i love you for being faithful. never, ever have you given me any reason to doubt. i know, i know, i know you love me & only me

5) i love you for the man of God you are, the spiritual leader of the family. we are blessed because of what you stand for

6) i love you for the sacrifice you make for the three of us. you provide & give but expect nothing in return

7) i love you for the challenges. its not always the easiest, especially on my part to step out of my comfort zone, to change & grow, but we are there with support & love every.single.time

8) i love you because your nice on the eye!!!


Chad said...

You are so sweet! Thank you for saying all those things. I love you too!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Happy Anniversary!! So sweet, so eloquent, I love it=)!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

and love the pics =)!

Becky said...

Yeah! Congratulations! You both make such a cute couple and may the Lord bless you with many more years to come!

SuzSpeaks said...

What a sweet post! You guys are so cute... Happy Anniversary!

pops said...

Very Nice! I'm proud of both of you! God has indeed been good to you and us! LYT!

The Bray Family said...

Cute! But there is not way you were skinnier back then! I dont think that you could get any skinnier than you are now!