September 19, 2008


for the past month i have been leading a Bible study with MS/HS girls called "purity's power". we watch a video with lisa bevere, read her book, "kissed the girls & made them cry, & then talk about it. its been really good & i think the girls are really getting it! mom's are being to see a difference in their daughters. yea!

last night she talked about not awakening the wrong kind of love at the wrong time. (song of songs 2:7 - don't awaken love until the time is right) this can so easily been done because sex is thrown in the girls faces with magazines, music, tv, & conversations at school. she challenged us to pursue HIM, to not walk but RUN.
When we draw near 3 things happen:
1 - He will NEVER push us away. He wants us there in His presence but we have to want to be there too.
2 - He will wash every trace of shame. He knows we want to change & become more like Him. we need to tell Him, speak it out.
3 - He will give us a hope & a future. Jeremiah 29:11 (my favorite scripture)

another good point she said is: the things you bring into your house have more power over you because you CHOOSE to bring them in. we have channels blocked on our tv,mostly so kaden won't see anything his little eyes don't need to see, but its also good for chad & i. it keeps us in check!

i gave the girls a worship cd that had a different artist on there that chad had put together. i know they all have ipods, but do they have worship music on there? i did this & really challenged them to spend some time awaken the right kind of love. He sings over us as we worship to Him.

what kind of love will you awaken today?


monika said...

It's good Misty. Lance and I are alot more aware of this since Cali is so intrigued by things we say or watch. We are trying to be a Godly example for them and not watch things ourselves that we wouldn't want them to see.

Anonymous said...

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Summer said...

book sounds very intriging! thanks for sharing. love to hear your stories on misty and leadership. :)

Pops & Grammy said...

Sounds Great! We are very proud of you! I bet the girls parents are too!