September 28, 2008

go pokes!

we took a little break yesterday afternoon & went to the OSU COWBOYS football game with chad's family. we went early to tailgate & then went to game where chad & i were 2 out of the 100 total not wearing orange. (over 52, ooo total there in attendance) it was a sea of orange everywhere!

we told brock that morning we were going & from then on until 6pm when it started "game" is about the only word he said. he was so excited! what's funny is after the first kick-off he looked at me & said, "home bye-bye." we all got a good laugh out of that because we had seen the excitment on his face & heard it in his voice from saying, "game" about half a million times!!
of course kaden was into it. he took his football & played with the guys while the food was on the grill.

it was hot, we had good seats, bought all the overpriced drinks & junk food, had loud, crazy people around us which made for good entertainment when the game got boring! ha
it was fun & we are all ready to do it again.


Summer said...

did you get drunk

hi!!! said...

O.o NO SHE DIDENT!!!!!!! kaden looks cute with his huge hand!!!!!! ha

The Bray Family said...

It looks like Brock is yawning in the last one, you must have worn him out!

Jennifer said...

That yawn picture is so classic. I love it!