September 9, 2008

birthday fun

kaden's birthday party is not until saturday, so we had our own party for him at "chucky cheese." (we have not been there since kaden turned 3 and brock was just 2 weeks old) it was a fun night of chasing brock & seeing kaden get so excited about winning tickets!!!

but before we even left, mamaw & papaw came over to give kaden his gift... a BIG BOY BIKE!

let the fun begin... (i think chad had just as much fun playing all those video games with kaden & brock!)

waiting to see how many tickets he has... 124!!!

the cheap toys he decided to get...

a good time for a family picture...

my favorite picture of the night... kaden asked if he could go to asleep while driving home & this is what we found when we pulled into the driveway. so sweet! his little brother on the other hand was wide awake & still ready to play for another 30 minutes. ha


The Bray Family said...

I think that when we went this summer that Christian used more tickets than his younger siblings! So Chad is not alone. It is still fun, even when you are grown :)
You just use a lot more Germ X afterwards!

pops said...

I like that green big boy bike! Can I ride it this weekend? See you soon! Love You! Pops