September 16, 2008

weekend wrap-up

it was busy weekend for us - starting with dentist visit for the family. chad & i had not been in almost 10 years. sad, i know! we left with a visit to come back and a bill close to $4000 between the both of us worth of work. ha - don't think so!!!
we were not sure how kaden would do, it being his first time. usually in new settings he becomes shy and uneasy, but he did great.

chad & kaden passed the time in the waiting room looking at car magazines.

clean teeth... no cavities!!!

later the day grammy, pops, trinity & dylan came in for kaden's birthday party.

it had rained most of that week & the forecast said that it had a 95% chance to rain on the day of his party. we told kaden this & said that we would move it to the gym at church if it was raining. he asked us to pray that it wouldn't rain. so every night at bed we prayed for no rain & at meal times too. saturday morning, no rain (yet) but it sure looked like it. at about 15 minutes till party time i begin to get several phone calls asking if we were moving the party to the church. it was raining hard all over edmond, but not in our neighborhood. it sprinkled a minute or two while we played some games outside & then stopped. as soon as we came in it started pouring. how awesome is God!!!

it was a fun party with kids running everywhere. and when it was all over & my parents left all 4 of us took a long nap.


goooooood girl said...
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Pops & Grammy said...

We enjoyed the visit and party! Sure was a fun party! We're glad the swing set went together ok for Chad...We are very proud of Kaden, Brock, you and Chad! LYT!

The Bray Family said...

The kids had so much fun! Thanks for inviting them. Dylan is still talking about how funny Brock is...