September 17, 2008


we had a two year old visitor in our bed last night. he came in the first time about 2am and chad took him back to bed. he came back the second time at 3am and was taken back to his bed again. we gave in at 4am when he came back for the third time. i let him crawl up between us with his bunny love, stuffed dog & blanket and he went right back to sleep. i didn't! brock moved, then moved some more, and i ended up with his feet in my face so i moved to the living room.

i turned on the tv to try to go back to sleep but i started watching the shopping network. i get hooked watching this channel very often. i have never ordered anything, but to hear the women talk about one piece of clothing or whatever they are trying to sell for 10 or so minutes really wows me. i could never do it so i am amazed! ha

does anyone else watch these types of shows... just wondering???


monika said...

That's funny. When lance was gone Monday night, I let Cali sleep with me. She right to sleep at 8. We slept good til 4 when she was wide awake!! She kept trying to talk to me and stuff. Of course she went back to sleep right before my alarm went off. So, I definitely slept great Tuesday night.

The Bray Family said...

I only watch clips of them when that show "The soup" makes fun of them! Pretty funny. Sometimes I think Michael could do one of those, he gets so excited when he gets something new and cool!Haha.

Jennifer said...

We don't have TV so I don't see those except in hotels or something. They make me laugh- the people are always so excited about the stuff.

Lyle sleeps with us every night and does really well usually but there have been a few nights lately where he has woken up in the wee hours of the morning and wanted to watch Cars. I just go back to sleep on the sofa and he usually falls asleep on the floor then. It's weird! What makes a person want to do stuff in the middle of the night like that?