September 23, 2008

CSI: Miami

i was SUPER PUMPED when i realized last night that the new season started!!! i don't get hooked to too many shows but this one i love to watch. how they can solve all these crazy murder cases in just one hour i know isn't real, but its got my whole attention right from the beginning.

this fall, every monday night at 9pm i will be glued to watching CSI: Miami.
just wondering... what are your MUST SEE tv shows???


The Bray Family said...

Wow Misty! I dont know why but I am totally shocked that you are into this show! Haha I have never seen it but it sounds good!
My must see shows: The Biggest Loser! (I cry every week and I love watching the transformations at the end! It is very inspiring) and The office (starts on Thursday!!) And thank goodness for tivo!

Summer said...

ok - i wish you could see my eyes bugged out! we HATE this show...hahahahahahaha. I mean we watch it, but the WHOLE TIME we make fun of the red headed guy. I am cracking up.
Now that Chris and I have cable, we love the Bravo channel: Top Design, Project Runway, Rachel Zoe Project.

misty said...

i agree with you summer, that he is a little annoying - the way he talks. chad & i laugh a lot during the show too.
just saw the rachel zoe show yesterday for the first time. it must have been like a mini marathon because i saw like 5 in one day!

mamadubs said...

My must see show is Dancing With the Stars! Next favs are Dexter, Law & Order Criminal Intent and then the original CSI. J.W. thinks I'm deranged!

Becoming Me said...

I love Heroes and Lost