September 15, 2008


i started reading a new book last week called, pathway to purpose.
two sentences have really stuck out to me so far -

1st statement: parenting isn't just my responsibilty, it is one of my God ordained roles in life.

2nd statement: motherhood is an anointed role.

often, i have thought to myself "what is my purpose in life" since chad is the one with the title "youth pastor" and i'm the stay-at-home mom. reading those two statements over & over, its really changed the way i view my role as a mother and wife. i have A LOT of responibilty to raise those boys (with God's help) from boys to men. that is my PURPOSE at this stage in my life to be a great mother to my boys. also, its to support & encourage chad. i have been blessed with an awesome husband & two wonderful boys - now i need to let God know that i accept these role.


cheshire's cat said...

you have a very pretty family:) luck ! Nicole.

The Bray Family said...

Thanks Misty, for sharing this.....after a crazy morning and my millionth load of laundry (ok, I exaggerate a little!) this just brings it all back into perspective for me.
And thanks for being such a great Mom to those two boys, we sure do love 'em!

Pops said...

Isn't it great when God speaks to us and our life and attitude is changed and our purpose is better known and understood. And, He speaks in and through so many different people and ways. He's sure helped me through these almost 60 years. Because of God's love, grace and forgiveness I've love being a husband, Dad, and I love being a Pops!!!! LYAT!

Mamaw said...

we're blessed to have you for our daughter-in-law. love you lots. thanks for loving the man that was my purpose! believe me i appreciated all the times God reminded me to change the way i viewed myself. you are a wonderful wife & mother doing a great job-valuable---priceless.