April 18, 2009

full of it...

my camera... its full of PICTURES

from our empty house {tear},
the FULL storage building, 
spring break camp,
100,000 easter egg outreach our church did, 
easter sunday, 
warm days at the park, 
soccer games,
the boys & their cousins,
backyard fun...

but my printer all of a sudden (well really since mid march) will not reading my card.

not sure what is going on... i just want it fixed!!!

aahhhh, i hate when things don't work! and chad is a little too busy to figure it out... or atleast today he is.

so i'm frustrated, mad, confused to why the dumb thing is not reading my memory stick. 

doesn't it know that i have a blog & i NEED to post pictures! 

i think it cares less. haha

welcome to saturday... its going to be a GREAT day!



Anonymous said...

ahh...one of those days!

My husband works at Harvest Time Church in Ft. Smith, AR. We are really labeled "Worship Assistants" (Choir and Tech) under the main guy, but we both lead (youth to adults) every service of the week. BUT that is just a "mouthful" to explain to people at first. sorry if i totally confused you :)

jennifer said...

hey - i tagged you! don't feel obligated, though. i know you are busy...I just like you is all!