April 20, 2009

ruthless trust...

{reviving our trust in the one worth trusting}

chad preached in both services in the am yesterday.

i was not the good wife who made it to the 8:30am services to hear him preach. no way - no possible way for me to have myself dressed, the boys dressed & be in a good mood! its hard enough most sunday's getting there cheerfully at 9:30. anybody know what i'm talking about?!?!

back to his sermon... really good stuff... two pages of notes i took...

*most of us don't trust the Lord like we should because its risky, its scared, its the unknown. most of us like to plan things out ourselves, to be organized, & everything thought out, leaving no details unanswered.

*John 14:1 - TRUST HIM

*when you TRUST HIM you are in His WILL

*II timothy 1:12

*the more you TRUST - the more you GROW. the more you GROW - the more you TRUST.

* TRUST = discipleship

*TRUST is blind faith

*it's all about Him. the more you know Him, the less scary it is. and the more willing you are to TRUST HIM.

*the challenge is to go to the unknown! TRUST a little more, let God prove how awesome HE IS!!!

* another story to read about God being faithful if we TRUST is gideon in judges 6&7

chad was passionate & spoke from his heart. trusting God is what we are totally doing right now. when we said "yes, we will be apart of the church plant in tulsa." since we have been married, our decision making has been pretty easy. no huge decisions, no yes/no choices to make, everything usually fell right into place.

leaving the church where we have been youth pastor's for 5 years, moving our boys, no salary, one or both of us maybe having to get a job, all of chad's family here, leaving friends... but we knew/know that God was telling us to go. its the scariest decision we have ever had to make as a couple, for our family.

but as soon as we said "yes" God beginning to show us that He is faithful & that by TRUSTING HIM we will be alright. every detail He will work out & we will be just fine if we keep TRUSTING HIM. and that is just what we plan on doing!


The Bray Family said...

Your faithfulness is such an inspiration to many, including me :)
It is amazing how the doors are flinging open for you guys as you are following and trusting! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming....(ya know, from Nemo??!)
Love you guys

Melinda said...

What an inspiration you and your family are in how trusting God is not always the easiest but it is definitely the most rewarding. Thanks for sharing!

jennifer said...

isn't it amazing what God does when we decide to trust Him?

I hear ya on the early service thing. We did 2 services on Easter Sunday. Didn't make it to the early one. Barely made it to the second one!

Monika said...

So true Misty Dawn...... I can't wait to hear and see all that God is doing in your church plant. How can anyone NOT follow and trust God in this world?? Love you guys and still praying for you.