April 21, 2009

tag... you're it!!!

i was tagged by the o' so cute jennifer at love, laughter & lyrics. if you have never been to her blog... its a must! she is a mom of two super cute kids & funny... every post will make you laugh!

8 things i'm looking forward to:
1 - this week... warm weather EVERYDAY!
2 - moving to tulsa... having our own place again!
3 - kaden going to kindergarten all day
4 - family vacation this summer
5 - my hair being long... my hair grows sooo slow so i may be old when that times comes but i will have long hair again before i die! ha
6 - brock being potty trained
7 - running again... its in my near future... i just know it, i mean i NEED IT!
8 - going to a fashion show... one of the girls in the youth group is in it next week!

8 things i did yesterday:
1 - unloaded the dishwasher
2 - dressed myself & the boys
3 - cooked breakfast & lunch for me & the boys
4 - took kaden to school / picked him up
5 - text a few people
6 - on the computer way too long... blogging... looking for a place to live
7 - actually got to take a nap... this NEVER happens
8 - we talked to my parents on skype... anybody ever done this? so fun for the boys to actually get to see grammy & pops, not just hear their voice!
{ i know i live a very boring life!!!}

8 things i wish i could do:
1 - keep a clean house
2 - draw a straight line - world's worst drawer right here!
3 - sing really good... like belt out some high notes good!
4 - make everyday a day at the beach... relaxing, swimming, getting a tan
5 - get paid for being on the internet... that would be the best job EVER!!!
6 - not get nervous talking in front of people
7 - fly everywhere instead of taking the car... my boys ARE NOT good travelers
8 - cure chad of ALL his allergies

8 shows i enjoy:
1 - csi: miami
2 - what not to wear
3 - jon & kate plus eight... i watch this & realize i have it made!!!
4 - anything on HGTV
5 - friends
6 - the view... i watch it because i like elizabeth & feel sorry for her because she gets ganged up on most days
7 - dateline
** that's about all i watch... if the question was "what do i hear all day"... elmo / dora / diego / thomas the train / curious george / word girl / authur / clifford

8 friends that i pass this on to...



Angela said...

oh this is cute!

Melinda said...

I love your lists. It is so funny you tagged me for this because I just got tagged for the same thing yesterday...I guess that means I HAVE TO do it now : )

Amber said...

Thanks!! I love these things. Love getting to know more about others. About YOU!!

I did one of these a couple weeks ago, so I don't know if I'll do it again, but I SO appreciate you tagging me!

Have a great day, Misty!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

i loved reading your lists!! this is so cute! and thanks for the tag!! i'll have to get to it=)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This was fun to read!

I signed up for skype, but that's all the further I got...need to sit down and pay attention to how to work it.

jennifer said...

fun stuff! thanks for playing along!