April 30, 2009

something to be thankful for...

(((i am really enjoying these "thankful thursday" list. i go, go, go, rush from here to there every week so i don't always think of all the things to be thankful for until thursday. sad, i know.)))

here goes:

*support money is coming in - so thankful for all the families who pledge to support us monthly thru money & their prayers.

*for jordan - a college student who is helping chad more than i could ever do. it really is a load off his shoulders.

*for a girls night out i had tuesday night. the girls were college seniors, so i was about ten years older than them. o'well - i still had a blast!!! it just made me realize that i have missed not having some close girlfriends & started praying for some great ones in tulsa.

*for the storms. i know that sounds weird because when i'm there i hate it, i am upset & just can't understand, but i know that God is with us, our family, our future He is holding in His hands.

*for kaden's energy & excitement on the soccer field. he scored a goal last saturday & was beyond thrilled. his face was priceless!!!

*for all the ice cream i have enjoyed this week... so yummy! i need to work out now & will... once i move to tulsa (((wink wink)))

*that brock is starting to tell me he needs to go to the bathroom. maybe he will potty train himself, brillant child of mine. (((ha ha)))

*yesterday it a rained, the boys slept in & so we made it a pj's day. it was so what i needed!

(((we all have something to be thankful so take a little time to think about your's)))


Lindsay said...

thankful for opportunities to connect with bloggers like you!

Thanks. :)

Becky said...

I'm so thankful for such wonderful friends I have met through blogging like you :) And I am thankful we have a loving God who guides us and protects us through different walks of life. We are so blessed and I am so thankful!!!! Have a great Friday sweet friend :)