April 28, 2009

worth trying...

the second & fourth
or maybe its the first & third -
either way, every other sunday night we have small groups at our house {well, not at "our" house anymore... tear}

these two or so hours every other week is a time that chad & i look forward to. {the boys as well!} we have the ninth & tenth graders that we are with & we have a blast!

they come with a hungry stomach but cooking is something i have never been good at. i try & try but its just not going to happen. i wish i could give up & just eat out for the rest of my life... that would be the bomb.dot.com!!! ha

i say all that because this group of students are so easy to please. they would be happy with bagel bites every week. i do try to change things up but they are a little disappointed if i don't pull a tray full of them out of the oven. ha

also, they are BIG into trying new things, wierd flavors. so every time we meet i buy something new for us all to try.

this week we tried two new things:

they both were a hit!
so good!
so yummy!

i bought the vanilla fun stix's... it tasted like a vanilla wafers with just the perfect amount of icing on the inside. i ate so many that night... we will be buying more or maybe that's a bad idea. you should try them though!

and the chips... a crunchy version of funneons!

what about you... have you found something new that you think is worth trying???


Becky said...

hmmmmm...thinking...thinking...I had a Schwans cherry popcycle with 15 calories today and it was VERY good! Those Oreo sticks look so good!

The Bray Family said...

I found this Greek Yogurt dip...cucumber dill flavor...that is soooo yummy and a lot healthier than other dips. I love it with Wheat Thins.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

that is sooo fun!! what a great idea=) hmmm, i don't know, i'll have to think about it=)

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to have to try those Oreo sticks, I think the boys will love them!

Suzanne said...

I've never seen oreo sticks... must try!

Jennifer said...

We are loving the Salt & Black Pepper Kettle Chips- Mmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Last night I was at a friends house for Cinco De Mayo and we has salsa flavored Sun Chips... they were SO GOOD!

-Trevyn <3