April 29, 2009

what's your answer...

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i found this on rachel's blog & wanted to play along this week. its a fun way to find out a little about the people who read your blog. 

1. excluding shampoo and conditioner, how many products do you use on your hair?

2. excluding the Bible, what is your all-time favorite book?

3. is there a household chore you actually enjoy? if not, what is the one you mind doing the least?

4. do you scrapbook? digital, paper, or both?

5. do you use a reader for the blogs you read? which one?

my answers:

1. 3 {gel while my hair is wet, a pomade after & then hairspray}

2. i don't have an all time favorite book. i use to read all the time - not so much anymore, but when i do find the time to read i like books on parenting & marriage.

3. i don't mind doing laundry - its got to get done by someone so you have clean clothes to wear. what i hate to do is sweep & unload the dishwasher.

4. i use to scrapbook & then baby boy #2 came around & i ran out of time... and energy! i now do photo books from shutterfly. i do one a year for each of the boys.

5. i just use my scroll on the left side of my blog to read my friends blog. is their an easier way... please tell!!!

now, it your turn!


Melinda said...

I hate unloading the dishwasher too. What is with that?! It's really a mindless task, it's just so BORING!!

Becky said...

1. hair products-maybe 1 or 2-I love Biolage products
2. Duh-Twilight series :P
3. cleaning counterops...no reason for this...I am just weird.
4. nope-don't scrapbook-my blog IS my scrapbook :)
5. I don't use reader, I just keep up with my "followers" list and the updates on that.