May 21, 2009

free haircut anyone???

of course! everyone likes FREE but what if i said it was by a five year old!!!

change your mind, huh?!?! 
kaden came home with (((A LOT))) of coloring papers that the teacher was getting rid of.  he was sitting at the table cutting, coloring & even letting brock join it.

they were coloring, drawing, cutting, sharing.... life was perfect!!!

i went into the kitchen to talk with chad - he was fixing lunch. (((i told you life was perfect! ha)))

(((at the table eating now...)))
brock comes in with the scissors & paper in his hands wanting to finish his masterpiece at the table with us but instead of cutting the paper he grabs for his hair.

i grabbed them out of his hand JUST IN TIME!

chad & i were talking, laughing, in shock about it when kaden walks in (((he overheard us talking) and points to his head.

we laughed & in shock some more.

he then goes to look at it in the mirror & when he walks out of the bathroom he tells us he, "brock wanted me to cut his hair too & so i did!"

thankfully neither "cut" way too bad. kaden is worse than his brothers since its right in the front.

i have put the scissors up... in a very, very high place.

i am actually surprised that he is five & this is the first time he has tried to cut his hair.

(((kaden is crying in the above picture because he didn't want his picture taken or for me to write about it... i told him it was a must!!! ha)))


The Bray Family said...

Oh no!! Maybe we shouldn't let them watch when I do your hair!
Surprisingly, none of my kids have ever done this.I have definitely heard some funny stories like this though. I had to cut Trinity's one time because she got gum in it but that girl has so much hair that you couldn't even tell.
At least their hair grows quickly and is kept short. Buzz it again in a week or two and you wont be able to tell. Now you have your own cute story to tell!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I have to thankfully say that neither of mine have attempted this {yet}!

Perfect for the scrapbook though.

Becky said...

ha..ha...I'm so glad you got the picture! Bonnie and I used to do that to eachother all the time...we got in BIG trouble for that! One time I cut my bangs off to the scalp, my mom was livid! Then we moved onto Barbie doll hair after that, so all our barbie dolls were bald.

jennifer said...

ha! i'm waiting for the day that this will happen over here...

Anonymous said...

Trevyn actually did this twice!!! Just within a couple of days. The last time i took the scissors and chopped off barbie's hair and told her it wouldn't grow back. she never did it again.

Amy Van Pay said...

Yep, you're soooo not alone! Camden has cut his brother's hair twice and did a pretty nice hack job on his own-- and with kid scissors. I had no idea they'd be sharp enough to cut hair! Alas, all scissors are high and hidden...