May 19, 2009


-i have nothing to write about.

life right now is boring, well plenty is going on just not blog worthy: (((ha)))
-get up
-morning stuff
-take kaden to school
-keep my niece
-pick kaden up
-back to the in-laws house

-eat dinner
-maybe do laundry
-and the whole time trying to keep my boys under control
(((that's not going so good since moving there)))

a routine.... not really!

its so hard not having a "home"

i love my in-laws & we get along great, but i am ready to move & us have "our" life again.

the countdown is on... 2 and a half weeks till we move!


Monika said...

Hang in there!! before you know it you will be home. I hope we can make a visit to see you guys this summer!!

Becky said...

Yeah! I know what you mean...look on the bright side...atleast it wasn't almost 2 years! LOL! <3 Becky

Melinda said...

I had to live with my inlaws for a few weeks too when we were moving and I don't think it matters how much you love or get along with someone else, multiple families were just not meant to live under the same roof.

Mandy said...

Hope the few weeks fly by for you!