May 15, 2009

on a hunt...

he is cute... no doubt about it but when it time to go, get ready for school, walk out the door which means putting on shoes another side comes out.

kaden is EXTREMELY picky about how socks feel on his feet.
- can't be thick
- thin is A MUST!
- the seam around his toes must be straight
- no strings hanging or seen... inside the sock or out

i have looked at walmart, target, old navy & thought i found some at the dollar store but it was no.

i have let him go without socks some because i don't like to deal with the whining & complaining every morning but then his shoes begin to smell.

his dad came up with the idea to spray cologne in the shoes. kaden loved this! that works just for the little while. the smell is still (((gross)))!

i am so glad that summer is here & he will be wearing crocs everyday.

but it will come to an end like all good things must do and so my search is on... i need to find some (((super thin))) socks for this cute boy to wear by the time school starts back & before i lose my mind!!!

can anybody help me... where should i start looking at???


Anonymous said...

try here--connie

Seamless Socks, Kids Seamless Socks, Seamless Tights
Comfort seam socks feature a hand-linked, or kid friendly, seam that does not have a machine stitched seam with knots over the toes on the inside of the sock. The hank-linked seam flattens out when the sock is put on and therefore will eliminate many problems your child experiences with putting on their socks. Plus:

Becky said...

Hey may have to wear little girl's socks usually the dress socks come a lot thinner than boys...just don't tell him what they are! LOL!

Melinda said...

LOL - he sounds just like my hubby who is also very, very picky about his socks. In fact, if it were up to him he would wear a new pair of socks every day.

Lindsay said...

This cracks me up.

I get Mason's socks at Carters ... he won't wear anything else :)

Good luck!

Cindy said...

We use Journey's kids socks! The no shows are thin!!! Good Luck!