May 2, 2009

love/hate relationship...

***yard sales is what i'm talking about***

we had one today... in the pouring rain

when i woke up at seven am this morning & heard the rain i was just a little excited, thinking the yard sale would be canceled.

i was wrong.

what i hate about yard sales:
- pricing all the items
- the time it takes to get ready for one
- how the boys walk by the table of "junk" grabbing something saying "i want to keep this forever"
- the rain
- the cold
- i'm horrible at math so added, giving back change... its just too much for my little brain

what i LOVE about yard sales:
- decluttering of all the rooms inside the house
- the $$$ i make
- when the sun is shining & i can get some sun (not the case today)
- all the different people i meet
- did i mention the $$$ i make in just a short few hours

we made over $300 dollars in just a short 4 hours.

i would say well worth it... even if i was cold the whole time!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

i totally agree with all the loves and the hates, haha! $300! That's awesome!!

Amber said...

I love the money, but I hate the process!! I SO need to have a yard sale, and I have so much stuff piled up, but I hate the process.

Oh ya, and let's add these to your list:

1)People that steal.
2)People that try to steal.
3)People that have their kids steal.
4)People that have their kids pee on your sidewalk.

Yes, ALL of those things happened to me. During ONE yard sale. Trash.

Stephanie said...

I love yard sales! We usually do one in the fall and spring, but we skipped this year. We gave away all the good stuff.

Glad it was a success!

Becky said...

Yeah that is great! I love getting rid of stuff too and de-cluttering. It makes me feel better! I do hate pricing though...all those stickers and the smell of sharpies :P

jennifer said...

oh. yard sales. such a double edged sword.

glad you made some money for the move!

I LOVE Amber's comment! Cracking me UP!

tiburon said...

They are a lot of work - but totally worth it! :)