May 20, 2009

great advice...

last night for dinner we grilled out.

chad was glued to the tv watching american idol but i asked him o' so nicely to please grill the hot dogs.

i laughed at myself & said, "some day i will learn."

my mother-in-law then spoke up & said, "if you never learn then you never have to do it!!!"

i like that! ha

is there any (((good))) advice your in-laws have given to you that is worth passing on???


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I like that one-so witty!
My MIL is full of good advice too.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!! I am visiting from Moxie Mom's blog... I love meeting others!! :)

Oh, I have wonderful in-laws and I am sure they have passed on great bits of wisdom. I won't bore with all of them but my MIL did tell me something when I was engaged. She said, "You will always love him but there will be days you won't like him!"--- Wow.... so wise! ;)

jennifer said...

we had hot dogs tonight. i love them. love them.

that has nothing to do with what you asked.

how are you doing in your new city? love your new profile picture by the way!

Anonymous said...

so true if you never learn you don't have to do it and you miss out on all the fun of learning and doing somethng new