May 12, 2009

i need a nap!!!

i'm back!

worn out & tired to say is an understatement.

let me do a highlight of the past week/weekend for you - 

mondy - friday at boot camp which was 8:30 - 5. yuck! i felt like i was in school again but only this time they extended the hours. i did learn some things & it was nice to see my family.

get home friday night right in time for chad's grandma's birthday party.

i'm not sure what we were thinking earlier in the week when we called the newspaper & put an ad in it to have another garage sale. thank goodness this time we didn't have to set up. my wonderful in-laws let us keep everything up from the saturday before.

we started at 7am saturday (((we are crazy & worn out)))

by 11:30 kaden's soccer game was canceled & i called it quits. i was tired of being out in the cold & rain.

12:30 chad & i headed to tulsa to look at one apartment & one house.

we got them both!!!

the apartment we need for just two months because the house we bought will not be ready until july or after.

the apartment is fully furnished so we don't have to move all of our things twice (((thank you jesus)))

we are super excited now about moving to tulsa now that will have a place to call home!

sunday was mother's day. for the past 5 years this isn't a day that i really enjoy because its sunday which means chaos in the morning time. lunch is always rushed because chad is one of the youth pastor's leading the senior baccalaureate service so he has to be there by 2:30pm ((( why they do it on this day i don't know))) 

after our rushed lunch me & the boys went to get food for home groups.

no nap for any of us.

all this week - keeping my niece
wednesday night is senior night at ignite
friday & saturday - 3 graduations to go to (((woohoo!!!)))
sunday - honor the graduates & then party that night

its a fun but busy time of year. 

i guess i can always catch up on sleep later :)


Becky said...

I'm so glad you bought a GPS! I love having it or I would be so lost right now! I typed in "Target" the other day and I meant to go to the "Super Target" a couple miles down the road...well, it took me about 30 minutes out of the way because I didn't type "Super" in front of Target!!! So it took me to a regular just be specific on that thing! LOL! Anyways...I am praying for you as you transition! It's rough but we will get there girlfriend!!! Love ya! Becky

Becky said...

Oh-and I have ALWAYS been light blonde until last September when I went to the dark side LOL!

Megan said...

Yay for finding a house!! So happy for you! Congrats! What area did you end up buying in?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a day in the life of ministry!

So glad you guys got your apartment & house!!!

jennifer said...

sounds kinda stressful, but how great that you only have to be in an apartment for a couple of months.

yeah for new adventures!

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure if we ever get caught up on sleep. Maybe when the baby gets older. Congrats on the house!

The hardest thing about ministry and family are the "Sunday Holidays." We have morning and evening services and both families live in town... so both of the boys usually have a breakdown.

Hope your family gets settled in soon :)