December 29, 2008

i'm back!!!

man, its been a LONG time since i've posted anything.

our world has been crazy!

our world is still busy even though christmas is over.

our world has been fun... really fun!!!

i am SO glad to report that k is over the flu & b is over his double ear infection. and in time to enjoy all their new toys... perfect timing!

starting from christmas eve the holiday was great... family, $120,000 christmas lights we saw on ONE house (very cool!), good food, good gifts, priceless excitment on my boys faces, more good food, long naps, nice weather, having chad home so must... must i go on!!!

i hope that you all had a GREAT holiday with your loved ones too.

now, i MUST share just a few of my favorite pictures. i can't share them all because i took over a 100!! pretty sad, but i just love taking pictues :)


Suzanne said...

SUPER cute pictures! I'm so glad you guys have had a great holiday!!

Jax did pretty good. Kaden would probably enjoy it but Brock may be a little young, I would say it's a renter! There were also a few words that I didn't love (butt is all I can remember right now) thankfully Jax didn't pick it out! overall it was really cute and a good message!

thedomesticfringe said...

Great pictures! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and your boys are better.

Mrs. Sidney said...

Great pictures!! I take way too many pictures, too!!

Tanja said...

What a great time, those boys and their smiles are priceless!

Summer said...

yeah for christmas pics!!!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Your boys have some BIG smiles in those pictures - too cute! Glad they're feelin' better!