December 13, 2008

not as easy as it looks...

at the christmas party we went to thursday night we played "dirty santa" & i came home with a gingerbread house.

kaden was not going to let anyone "steal" that gift from me. he held the bag & hid it behind the chair he was sitting in.

so we (he) was thrilled when the game was over & was ready to put it together as soon as we got home.

he had school the next day so the fun would have to wait.

we did it after lunch on friday. just me & him.

man, that icing (glue) is some stcky stuff. i had it all over the place. the picture on the box makes it look so easy. so perfect. so FALSE!!!

kaden thought hard about where each piece of candy went. and on one side he wanted a HUGE heart for me. (i heart him too!)

not even 2 hours later, it looked like this...

i guess i didn't use enough glue! :(

have you made a gingerbread house this year?

i would like to see yours & know how you got yours to stay up longer?!?!
post a few pictures & let me know when you do.


Pops said...

Very Cute~!! Did you build that house on The Rock? haha... Fun time together anyway...LYT
I hope Brock is feeling better...we have been praying for him...and tell him thanks for praying for me...Pops

Suzanne said...

oh man! we have one to put together! WE'll probably do it after church and naptime tomorrow! I'll post about it!

Hope you're having a good weekend!

jennifer said...

i always have that problem with gingerbread houses. wish i could help with that.

i love that first picture! so cute