December 3, 2008


since my college days i have been going to bed with the noise of the tv in the background. been doing this for 10 + years except on the youth trips of 3 days in march for spring break camp & 4 days in the summer for youth camp. but during those nights i'm so worn out, plus all the girls talking about boys, make-up, magazine stuff, clothes, all the while laughing & doing it all LOUD, it sounds like tv, so i go right to sleep.

things changed last night.

my husband is fasting for the next couple of days - food is all i thought.

he went to the bedroom while i put away the groceries. (he usually helps but i totally understand him not helping me last night)

i go to get ready for bed - it completely dark & his listening to worship music on his ipod.

i lay down, turn on the tv & he said to me, "i'm fasting tv too"

i was angry but the nice wife i am (ha!) i turned off the tv & rolled over mad. how did he expect me to go to bed with no tv?!?!

he then prayed for us & our family.

how could i be mad after that?!?! so i layed there & listened to the worship music & drifted off to a peaceful sleep in about 10 minutes. (record time - it usually takes me FOR-EVER to fall asleep!)

it was wonderful sleep & i even woke up happier!
i was glad that i didn't react & have a bad attitude. (like i ever do that! ha ha ha!!!)
change is good... even in the small & simple things like a tv.
music is a powerful tool that God uses to speak to us. i'm glad i was listening last night.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

those husbands...fasting and praying and worshipping...good stuff, even when it get's in our way a little ;)

Great post.

jennifer said...

i hear you! I love your honesty about getting mad over the no t.v. thing. I do the same thing. I don't know why, but I do...

Aren't we blessed to have godly husbands who give us the nudge we need just when we need it?

Megan said...

Ha! Isn't it funny (or sad) to look back at the little things that we get so upset about?? So I just realized you are in Edmond, What church are you guys apart of? I think you asked me that before...was that you? Did I answer you??

Monika said...

Good job Misty. Did you know we have the same background? Great minds think alike.....

Pops said...

A great evening for both of you! LYT!