December 19, 2008

my first award...

my blogging friend, elizabeth over at "the mommy" passed an award on to me.

i was pretty excited when i found out.

i have been blogging for only 7 short months & this was my first to receive.

sad, maybe!
but this is my party & i pulled out party hats, balloons & a cake to celebrate!!!

elizabeth awarded me the HONEST SCRAP award.

i need to share ten honest things about myself...

1 - i am the world worst at making decisions, esp sunday after church & where we are going to eat.
2 - i love to shop & then shop some more!
3 - sometimes i feel like the worst mother out there.
4 - i have a BIG secret but i can't tell just yet. and no, no 3rd baby on the way!
5 - i'm scared to sleep at home when chad is out of town. me & the boys always go stay at the in-laws house.
6 - i was raised in a pastor's home and now in full time ministry with my husband. i like life this way & don't want it any other way.
7 - sometimes, no a lot of times i change clothes two or three times until i find the perfect outfit that hides what i don't like about my body. i thought this would stop once i wasn't a teenager anymore?!?!
8 - i don't like people telling me i have to do something because i am on staff or the yp wife. i want to do things/ start something because i have a passion for it.
9 - being a stay-at-home mom is A LOT harder than i ever thought it would be.
10 - i take way too many pictures of my boys & never get them developed. i am going to change this in 2009.

now i am to pass it on to ten people. i choose...
sherri @ bittersweet symphony
monika @ bray party of four
tonja @ on that note
megan @ tales of the trees
suzanne @ happy chaos
kelly @ blessings times two
kami @ no biggie
the domestic fringe
daisy @ just call me daisy
hazel @ sunshine sneezes

thanks again elizabeth for making my day!

hope you all have a GREAT day... its friday!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you on your award! Thanks for passing it on. I'm honored to be part of your list. I must admit that at first glance I thought the award said "Honest Crap". I didn't get enough sleep last night...excuse me. Perhaps "Honest Crap" is a more appropriate award for the domestic fringe anyway.
Have a great weekend!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Congrats on your blog award!
I can totally relate to a lot of those, especially numbers 1, 8, and 10!
Can't wait to hear about your big secret!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for passing this on!!!

I can totally relate to #1, #7, #8 (although not a pastors wife...a principal at a private christian school's wife) #9...I'm not a stay at home mom, but I was yesterday and it was a CHALLENGING day!! I give you props!

HOpe you have a great day... not to sound internet creepy, but we should meet up sometime - I bet our boys would love to play!

Megan said...

I loved reading your 10 honest things! SO fun! And thanks for passing it on to me, I will get on this shortly! You are so sweet, congrats on your award!!

Kami said...

thanks Misty...for the award/tag! It is fun to read your 10 things. I too need to develop more pictures, 2009 is our year.

Anonymous said...

Nice award and thanks so much for sharing! I'm tickled!

Looking forward to hearing more about #4, I love surprises!

Becoming Me said...


The Bray Family said...

Thanks Misty! I will totally do that when I have a few short minutes!
We love you guys!

Daisy said...

thanks for the award!

jennifer said...

I'm with you on number 7. I feel so blessed to finally be at a church where the expectations aren't so unattainable. I've had some crazy experiences over the course of our years in ministry.

Kelly said...

I finally did a tag you sent me!
Hope you and your fam had a Merry's looking forward to a brand new year filled with more blessings!

Mrs. Sidney said...

I love this post!!