January 21, 2009

little eyes... little ears...

i have always heard it but now i believe it.

little kids actually pick up, remember things that they see/hear on tv even if they aren't really watching it.

that or my kids are just really smart?!?! ha ha

2 stories:

brock & i were in cvs last week. i was paying & he says "obama"
this is what he was looking at:

shocked - i did a double take! how does a 2 year old know who he is??? i guess we have been watching way too many news shows where all they talk about is him.

or maybe again he's really smart!!! ha ha

then last night kaden came up to me & asked why obama kills babies & does he use a gun to do it???

i was not ready to discuss abortion with my 5 year old but that is what he is for... its the sad, sad truth.

so i decided that i want to throw away/get rid of all our tv's, but then i thought i would miss them, so that is not going to happen. i will from now on be REALLY careful about what is on, esp if the boys are in the room.


Anonymous said...

That's why I don't watch the news until my kids go to bed.


Anonymous said...

It's so hard when we realize how much our kids pick up on with out being actually taught as careful as we may be they are bombarded with information.

As for the hard questions... ALWAYS ask WHY they think such and such. That would usually helps me answer the question. That way i am only answering what they are asking and not reading into their statement.


Anonymous said...

it's hard to be humble when your kids are as smart as ours! haha!